Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Aftermath Act I

The Amber Monolith

September 11

After acquiring a numenera artefact called the Rifter, Tranavaros Syr was ordered by the Amber Pope to deliver the device to Mother Eleanor at the Amber Monolith and aid the Aeon Guardians in closing the Sky Tear, an anomaly created six months ago during the destruction of the Scorpion Sanctum.

Tranavaros, accompanied by Theron, arrived at the Amber Monolith and entered the Guardian Citadel — a sprawling fortress the size of a small city. There they encountered a contingent of newly-arrived Navarene soldiers, commanded by Captain-Commander Maxxos Raven and Sergeant Ay’lin Shir.

Maxxos explained that he and Ay’lin were reassigned to the Amber Monolith by High General Gerard to liaise on behalf of the Navarene Army with the Aeon Guardians and Angulan Knights. In truth, Maxxos believed Gerard felt threatened by General Bion’s growing influence in Shallamas, and so had them re-stationed to weaken the general’s command.

The group met with Mother Eleanor at the citadel’s ecclesia, located in a grand cathedral. The archpriest inspected the Rifter obtained by Tranavaros, expressing delight that the artefact was retrieved. She returned the device to the Seeker and explained that he would need it on his mission and tasked Tranavaros with leading an expedition to close the Sky Tear; an expedition that would be aided by Theron, Maxxos, and Ay’lin.

To gain supplies and obtain permission to enter the wild Cloudcrystal Skyfields, the group met with Polemarch Ianos, supreme commander of the Aeon Guardians and the general in charge of the Northern Crusade.

The polemarch greeted the famed Heroes of Navarene before being interrupted by Sir Umain of the Angulan Knights, who reported an imminent Gaian assault on Fort Toinette — a major Guardian stronghold in the Skyfields.

Ianos sanctioned Tranavaros’s mission, but assigned him and the others to first help reinforce Fort Toinette along with Sir Umain. The polemarch summoned Guardians Eni’r and Aegan Nashaki to join the party in their mission, hoping their history and experience as comrades would benefit them. Jinx, who lingered in the shadows, revealed himself as the party set out to Fort Toinette.

The Heroes of Navarene were thus reunited.


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