Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Aftermath Act II

Battle of Fort Toinette

September 15: Afternoon

The party and Sir Umain arrived at Fort Toinette moments before the Gaians launched their assault. Aeon Guardians manned the fort’s numenera turrets while the party joined the vanguard on the battlefield. Ay’lin stood with the other archers on the battlements, providing cover for her comrades. Gaian warriors and elite Parahni lycanthropes clashed with the Aeon Guardian forces in waves, relentless in their attack.

The party demonstrated their growth, utilising new abilities to smash through the enemy. Tranavaros summoned a golem of rock to defend himself, while En’ir, Theron, and Maxxos cut and broke through the Gaian ranks. Jinx used his swift daggers to wound Gaian warriors, as Aegan and Ay’lin showered them with bolts and arrows. The last of the Gaian forces were obliterated by the fort turrets and the flying xi-drake beasts of the Angulan Knights, decimating their offence and sending their surviving warriors into retreat.


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