Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Part One, Act II

The Dog Days Are Over


January 2: day

After returning to Shallamas and meeting up with their companion, Jinx, En’ir, Aegan, and co spoke to Yogo the Merchant. Pleased with their recovery of his lost items, Yogo awarded them with shins and allowed them to be on their way.

Captain Maxxos Raven and Ay’lin reported to General Bion of the Navarene Army about the Merkadian Soldiers invasion. Ay’lin was awarded the title of Auxiliary and given permission to leave to regroup. Ay’lin and Maxxos journeyed to the Golden Knave Inn, where they encountered Aegan and her seskii, Sven.

Neither group were able to enjoy a long reprieve, however, as Shallamas fell under alert and shut its three gates against a Merkadian assault led by a single figure of unknown importance.

Captain Maxxos and Ay’lin met the Merkadian horde with a squad of soldiers at their back. Asher took to the eastern port gate, assaulting a city guard before leading En’ir, Aegan, Tranavaros, and Jinx on a road to Fasten. In their travels across the fields, the group were attacked by a trio of fierce chirogs. Though the beasts were slain, it was not without a price — Sven perished.

Shallamas, the City of Echoes, remained under siege, defended by a skeleton garrison and on the verge of destruction.


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