Numenera: Shadows of the Past

En’ir, Tranavaros, Theron, Aegan, Ay’lin, Maxxos, Orren, and Jinx stood before the Silver Throne in the Empiternal House. Queen Armalu, a small old woman of 253 years, awarded them with the Royal Medal of Recognition and named them the Heroes of Navarene.

Lord Heston, General Bion, High General Gerard, Mother Hiana, and Sir Umain attended the ceremony.

En’ir & Aegan Nashaki

After the group defeated the Convergence, En’ir and Aegan were approached by the Order of Truth and offered positions as Aeon Guardians, to which they both accepted.

They travelled to the Amber Monolith, where they trained and advanced to the rank of minor zealot.

Tranavaros Syr

Tranavaros was exonerated for his crimes against the Order of Truth for his part in saving Navarene and defeating the Convergence, and regained his lost status as a Seeker. He bid his comrades farewell and returned to his duties, hunting for numenera across the northern reach of the Steadfast.

He believed he’d see his friends again.

His strange connection with Theron was still such a mystery that Tranavaros invited him to join the Seeker on his explorations, hoping to find the truth in their uncanny bond as priest and mutant.

In later weeks, the Order of Truth assigned Tranavaros to locate and retrieve pieces of a lost artefact, known only as the Rifter.


Theron joined Tranavaros on his explorations to find and retrieve ancient numenera. He grew to trust in the priest, the two forging an enduring friendship.

Ay’lin Shir

After defeating the Convergence with the aid of their rag-tag allies, Ay’lin returned with Maxxos to Shallamas, where they were regarded as heroes.

Ay’lin chose to accept General Bion’s offer to join the Navarene military and advanced to the rank of sergeant quickly, thanks to her merit as a Hero of Navarene and Maxxos’s influence.

Maxxos Raven

Maxxos was promoted to the rank of captain-commander and awarded several military decorations for his roles in the Draolis Conflict, the Merkadian Crisis, and the Convergence Affair.

He returned to his station at Shallamas under the command of General Bion, joined by Ay’lin.


Jinx returned to Kaparin in the nation of Ancuan, where he repaid an old debt to his estranged foster father, Madrox. Using the wealth he ‘earned’ over the course of six months, Jinx was able to buy Madrox a new ship to replace the one he stole years prior.

He later returned to Navarene, where he tracked down En’ir and Aegan at the Amber Monolith. There he remained by their side, lingering in the shadows.


Orren became an official Aeon Priest of the Charmonde Ecclesia. There he continued to aid the Order of Truth in matters relating to the Convergence.

The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor didn’t appear with the others at the medal ceremony and vanished without a trace. Only whispers hint at his continuous role as the ‘Blade of the Amber Pope’.


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