Aegan Nashaki

A learned Glaive who controls beasts



Tier: 4
Effort: 3
Exp: 0

Might: 16/16
Edge: 1

Speed: 16/16
Edge: 3

Intellect: 16/16
Edge: 3

Armour: 3


Climbing – T
Tactics – T
Beast lore – T
Numenera – T
Sneaking – T
Medium ranged attacks – S
Healing – T
Light bladed attacks – T
Identifying – T
Medium bladed attacks – T

Special Abilities

Pierce (1 Speed)
Inability (Social)
Trained with all weapons
Practised in armour
No need for weapons
Successive attack (2 speed)
Soothe the savage (2 intellect)
Communication (2 intellect)
Trick shot (2 speed)
Deadly aim (3 speed)
Beast eyes (3 intellect)
Snipe (2 speed)


Detonation (Singularity)
Image projector
Erosion Ray

Artifacts & Oddities

Oddity: Sphere that produces bubbles when placed in water
Artifact: 15 balloons
Oddity: A ring that makes the wearer’s fingertips glow blue
Artifact: Level 6 Lightning Whip


?Transporting ring (transports 4 people + Aegan up to 100 miles)
Book (beasts-read)
Book (languages-read)
Book (tactics-read)
Pet food (0 days)
Explorer’s Pack:

  • Rope (50ft)
  • Rations (63 days)
  • Spikes (3)
  • Hammer
  • Warm Clothes
  • Sturdy Boots
  • Torches (3)
  • Glowglobes (2)
    Bedroll (2)
    First aid kit
    Matchsticks (9)
    First aid kit
    Synth Breastplate
    Aeon Guardian Breastplate
    Book (Tactics-read)
    Clothes (2)
    Light Breastplate

Shins: 511


Bow (4 damage)
Knife (2 damage)
Long sword (4 damage)
Broad sword

The slave girl Myanna ‘belongs’ to Aegan, who has given Myanna clothes, and two knives.


Aegan was born into a small family in the City of Bridges. Her father, Faron, worked long and hard hours to help sustain his household. Lina, his wife, stayed at home to look after En’ir and Aegan. Throughout her childhood, Aegan spent a lot of her time outside, usually in the company of her brother. However, the stable family soon began to fall apart. Due to his lengthy hours, Faron’s health decreased. Because of this, En’ir had begun to work, which meant Aegan spent the majority of her time either alone or assisting her parents in whatever way she could.

While juggling her duties to her family, Aegan discovered her interest in the world and began educating herself with whatever books she could find. During her studies, she would often find herself accompanied by animals which had no fear of her presence. After the death of her father, Aegan found herself having to search for whatever she could find to sell to help support herself and her mother – who’s health had begun waver. She helped others in the City of Bridges in hopes they would repay her with their assistance. During the period between her father’s death and En’ir’s return, Aegan discovered a stray Saskii while exploring on land and searching for some form of treasure. The Saskii, which she named Sven, became her companion and helped to explore her focus.

Lina became quite ill quickly and showed no sign of having the strength to recover. Aegan was relieved when En’ir came home, though mourned the passing of their mother that soon followed. Despite her sorrow, Aegan saw it as an opportunity to do what she had always wanted to – leave the City of Bridges with the company of En’ir and Sven.

Aegan Nashaki

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