An arch-nano of the Dark Hills


Level – 6 (18)
Motive – To build a Merkadian army powerful enough to topple the Convergence
Health – 18
Damage Inflicted – 8 Points
Armour – 3
Movement – Short

Modification – Social interactions as level 5

Combat – The arch-nano wields great power through her use of ‘nano-sorcery’. It grants her not only his armour but also the ability to make a ranged force (or other energy) blast attack at long range, or an explosion at long range that deals 6 points of damage to all creatures in an immediate area. In addition, as an action, the arch-nano can perform any number of esoteries.

Interaction – Arch-nanos are typically aloof and arrogant. Amara is difficult to deal with and difficult to fool. In her thirst for knowledge and power she is likely to sacrifice much and betray anyone. Occasionally, she will use her wisdom and power for a good cause.

Description – In her quest for knowledge, Amara intertwined with the numenera, looking more machine than human. A metal mask with unknown symbols adorned her face, her figure cloaked in dark robes. Her eyes and voice were the only remnants of her human form.

Use – A great mastermind, Amara is the driving force behind the Merkadian Crisis and the main antagonist of Shadows of the Past: Part I.

Loot – Amara has 1d100+100 shins, 1d6+2 cyphers, and an artifact.


Amara was a powerful arch-nano and the creator of the Merkadians in the Dark Hills. Her sanctuary was located deep within the heart of the mountains, where she monitored the progress of her creations and issued orders via her command matrix.

It is unknown how long Amara dwelt within the Dark Hills prior to the Merkadian Crisis, though the complexity of her sanctum and number of collected numenera suggested several years.

According to her recount, she was present in the mountains when the armies of Navarene and Draolis clashed at the border of the Dark Hills. When she saw the countless corpses, she thought of it as ‘wasted resources’ spent on pointless conflict.

Having a greater purpose in mind, Amara used her knowledge to resurrect the corpses using numenera devices, reanimating them as her puppet soldiers. For reasons that were unknown, Amara commanded the Merkadian soldiers to assault the Naven cities of Shallamas and Bodrov.

After Captain Maxxos Raven and Auxiliary Ay’lin Shir defeated Merkadian forces during the Siege of Shallamas, General Bion gathered his men and marched upon the Dark Hills.

During the Battle of Dark Hills, General Bion, Maxxos, and Ay’lin confronted Amara in her sanctuary. After a brief exchange, the parties fought – Amara almost achieving victory. The arch-nano was only stopped after Ay’lin fired a cross bolt that decapitated her.

Amara’s command matrix was retrieved, though elements were of Convergence origin, implying the arch-nano was connected to their order.

After Orren, a Aeon acolyte and former member of the Convergence, decoded the command matrix, a holographic recording of Amara appeared to explain her motives.

The hologram revealed Amara was a magistrix of the Convergence until she left its inner circle to live in exile within the Dark Hills. She believed prominent members of the order were growing unstable in their search for power.

Realising the Convergence would eventually destroy the world with their experiments on the star, Bilu-sha-zin, Amara saw the Draolin-Naven conflict as an opportunity to make an army large enough to assault the order’s sanctums and stop their plan.

The attacks on Bodrov and Shallamas were supposedly designed as tactical practice, while also providing fresh corpses to convert into more Merkadians.

Before losing power, her command matrix provided the coordinates of one of the Convergence’s sanctums. Captain Maxxos Raven and a party of comrades used the coordinates to launch an assault on the Magister Triad.


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