Asher Marlen

A mystical Jack who wears a sheen of ice



Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Exp: 2

Might: 12
Edge: 0

Speed: 11
Edge: 1

Intellect: 14
Edge: 0

Armour: 2


Botany – T
Climbing – T
Swimming – T
Numenera Identification – T

Special Abilities

Hedge Magic (1 Intellect)
Ice Armour (1 Intellect)
Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons
Practiced with Armour
Flex Skill
Sense Magic
Ice Esoteries


Banishing Nodule

Water Breather

Artifacts & Oddities

Oddity: Six-inch (15 cm) wand of glass that can be bent and even tied in a knot.

Oddity: Rod that repeats what is said in an unknown language at the push of a button.

Oddity: Pants that fit perfectly and never seem to get dirty but are always chilly.



Explorer’s Pack:
– Rope (50ft)
– Rations (0 days)
– Spikes (3)
– Hammer
– Warm Clothes
– Sturdy Boots
– Torches (3)
– Glowglobes (2)

2 Bag of Light Tools:
– Small Tongs
– Pliers
– Screwdriver
– Small Hammer
– Small Pry Bar
– Lockpicks
– String (10ft)
– Wire (3ft)
– Screws & Nails

-2 Antidote Potions
-2 Sleeping Powders
-4 Healing Powders

Book of Healing

Shins: 31


Ice Blade “Ophelia’s Tears” (4 damage)
Darts “Spirit” (x9) (2 damage)
Whip “Hecate” (2 damage)
Wooden Buckler


Asher was an orphan since the age of 10, left to fend for himself in the slums of Charmonde by parents who couldn’t afford his upbringing.

He survived, adapted. Did things he’d rather not talk about.

In time life got better. Asher got faster, stronger, more adventurous. The walls of the Navarene capital no longer bound him. The world beyond called him, and he obeyed.

Long did he travel; every city, town, river, and forest was his playground. In his adventures he found a sheen of ice, stolen from an infamous merchant called Yogo.

It was a power he learnt to wield well.

As he continued to travel, Asher found a calling for botany. Nature was a myriad of melodies that Asher could hear. He felt caught in their muse, just as a sea captain gets caught in the sea, or Aeon Priests the hum of the numenera.

There was so much he’d learnt…

…but still so little he’d seen.

And he wanted to see everything.

Asher Marlen

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