Son of the Urgevek


Level – 5 (15)
Motive – To protect the Cloudcrystal Skyfields
Health – 23
Damage Inflicted – 4 Points
Armour – 1
Movement – Short

Modification – Level 7 in matters regarding Gaian society, history, and religion; Level 6 in speed defence

Combat – Bishen is a proud and skillful warrior that prizes speed over brute strength. When human, he prefers mid-ranged combat, but changes to hand-to-hand fighting as a lycanthrope.

Interaction – Bishen is a prideful Gaian. Though young, he is an exceptional warrior and great scouter. Despite seeing the harm Aeon Priests and those of the Steadfast have caused his land, he believes there are those of the south worthy of being named ‘friend’.

Use – Bishen is the son of the Urgevek and a guide to the Heroes of Navarene. He becomes a companion in Shadows of the Past: Aftermath.

Loot – ?


Bishen was the son of the Urgevek, chief among the Gaian tribal leaders in the time of the Northern Crusade. He accompanied his father into war against the Aeon Guardians, and earned his place among the Parahni — a protector chosen by the quishamis to guard the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

Bishen first appeared with his father, the Urgevek, among a party of Gaians that rescued the Heroes of Navarene from a jiraskar. Bishen and his father realised the importance of the heroes when one of them, En’ir Nashaki, was revived and chosen by the quishamis to protect the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. In response to this, the Urgevek sent Bishen with the party to act as a guide through the northern Beyond during their mission to close the Sky Tear — an anomaly that threatened to destroy the world.

During their journey, the heroes and Bishen encountered the Crowd City, the sacred abode of the Gaian death god, Amay. With no other way around, the party entered the city and encountered one of its guardians — the vile travonis ul. Bishen helped slay the creature, which triggered the Crowd City to rise and form into a colossal titan, the god of death. Bishen entered the titan’s skull with Jinx, Tranavaros, Theron, and Ay’lin, where they destroyed a crystal artefact, causing the Crowd City and Amay to collapse. With nothing left in their way, the heroes continued on to the Scorpion Crater, where they found the Sky Tear.

Ember revenants descended from the fiery sky and attacked the heroes, and with the help of Bishen, were defeated. From the flames formed the spirit of Iom, a magister the heroes had destroyed six months prior. The ascended Iom attacked the party with tempests of flame.

Bishen died in the fight against Iom, having perished in fire. His body was preserved and taken back to the Urgevek by the Heroes of Navarene, after which the Gaians honoured his body with a proper burial, so that he might return to the land.

Facts and Trivia

  • Bishen’s name sounds similar to the word ’bitch’n’, a slang term often used to mean ‘great’. Bitchin became a pet name for the character.
  • Despite being a lycanthrope, Bishen was never seen in his transformed state.


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