Founder of the Order of Truth


Level – 10 (30)
Motive – To guard the knowledge of numenera from dangerous minds
Health – 60
Damage Inflicted – 12 Points
Armour – 3
Movement – Short

Modification – None

Combat – Calaval is one of the most powerful nanos in the Steadfast’s history, and his 400 years of experience and exploration across the world means he has an array of esoteries at his command. The full extent of his powers are unknown, but seem to revolve around the manipulation of photons and light energy. Some of his abilities shown so far include:

Living Light: He can dissolve into a cloud of photons and travel instantly to any location within long range.

Disappear: He bends light and seems to disappear from all creatures for ten minutes.

Glamour: He manipulates light to change his outward appearance, allowing himself to look like anyone he wishes for ten minutes.

Learn: He can scan and ascertain one valuable bit of information or secret concerning the target.

Greater Healing Touch: He can restore a creature’s speed, might, and intellect pools to maximum with a touch of his hand.

Telekinesis: He can move an object no bigger than himself within long range.

Interaction – Under the guise of an old beggar, Calaval is mischievous and unpredictable. He speaks in riddles and seems to talk gibberish, though those who listen carefully will find valuable advice in the man’s words.

Use – Calaval is a benevolent guardian — always guiding the PCs to their destiny.

Loot – ?


High Father Calaval was the first Amber Pope, the legendary founder of the Order of Truth and the Citadel of the Conduit. He vanished nearly 400 years ago and was assumed dead.

He was the first and last Aeon Priest to unlock the secrets of the Amber Monolith, which was said to give him great powers.

Shadows of the Past

Calaval was encountered several times by the Heroes of Navarene, always disguised as a filthy old man in different professions. He appeared at random and in the most unlikely of places, causing the heroes to suspect he was more than he seemed.

He was present at the heroes’ awards ceremony in Charmonde, hidden among the crowd of commoners.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

The Heroes of Navarene met Calaval again at Uxphon, this time dressed as a hedge wizard and performing tricks to entertain the locals. When Jinx confronted him, he spoke to the jack in riddles, warning him to leave immediately and travel ‘west to where the sun sank’.

The heroes returned west to Fort Toinette and arrived on the eve of a great battle between Gaian and Aeon forces. They were able to persuade both sides to issue for peace, saving thousands of lives.

Calaval met the heroes a final time after they defeated Mother Eleanor, and finally revealed his identity. He explained how he’d been watching them for a long time, and was the one who gave Tranavaros Syr the dreams that brought him to En’ir Nashaki and the other heroes, so that they might save the world.

As a reward for all they had done, Calaval showed the heroes the purpose of the Amber Monolith and used the ancient device to teleport them to an edifice among the stars, where they overlooked the world in its entire. There, Calaval elaborated on his role as one among many guardians of the numenera, and warned the heroes that their journey was not yet over, before teleporting them back to the Amber Monolith.


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