Lady Clara

A woman who wishes to leave her noble life behind


Level – 2 (6)
Motive – To save her lover Tymon and be free
Health – 10
Damage Inflicted – 2 Points
Armor – 0
Movement – Short

Modification – Perception as Level 4, social/romantic interactions as Level 4

Attractiveness – 16/20

Sexuality – Bisexual

Combat – Clara is no fighter and will run or retreat to a safe area during a fight. If confronted with no means of escape, she will reveal her knife and attack.

Interaction – Clara is weary of strangers and is difficult to fool due to her jaded personality. She is appreciative of help, though won’t accept any from people she doesn’t trust. Since her companion was killed by an ithsyn, Clara is unnerved by them and similar creatures. This can be a challenge for those with ithsyn pets trying to gain her favour.

Use – The world is filled with potential companions at every turn. Clara is a noble who desires to be free of the encumbering obligations her father and lord husband have inflicted upon her. Helping her may mean doing the right thing, though at the cost of crossing powerful people.

Loot – ?


Lady Clara wished to leave her past life behind her, yet couldn’t outrun it. She was born into the Lambert family, one of the most powerful noble houses in Navarene. Her father, Lord Heston Lambert, is the family’s head and one of two claimants for the royal throne. Clara is thus a descendant of Queen Armalu through her younger sister, Princess Dalia. Her husband is a noble living in Bodrov, who Clara fled for reasons unknown with a member of his household guard.

Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Clara planned to journey from Bodrov to Fasten to meet with her lover, Tymon, while evading her husband’s pursuing guards by taking the treacherous Vagabond Road. This choice proved unwise, however, when Clara and her companion were attacked by ithsyns, resulting in the death of her companion. Clara escaped, but only to encounter a gang of bandits. She was saved by the siblings En’ir and Aegan Nashaki, accompanied by Jinx, Tranavaros Syr, and Asher Marlen. Keeping her identity secret, Clara requested aid to get to Fasten, which the party accepted after a promise to make it ‘worth their while’.

Upon reaching Fasten, Clara was dismayed to see her father’s household guards, led by Captain Gavin, waiting for her. The guards had followed Tymon from Charmonde on a hunch he was leaving to meet Clara. When the hunch proved right, the captain locked Tymon in the town hall’s prison cells.

When Gavin took Clara into custody for a trip back to Charmonde, where she’d face her father, the jack Jinx intercepted with deception. He convinced the captain that he and the other party members were sent by Clara’s husband to track her down, and that she was under their wardenship.

Convinced, Captain Gavin released Clara and gave the party a letter of authority to present to Lord Heston when they arrived in Charmonde. Gavin insisted they see Lord Heston, so that he could reprimand his daughter before sending her back to Bodrov – and reward the party for finding her.

Later, En’ir and Jinx aided Clara in freeing Tymon from Fasten’s jail. After which, the lovers gave their thanks and bid the party farewell before making their way south to Thaemor.

Lady Clara

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