General Bion

A general of the Navarene Army


Level – 6 (18)
Motive – To uphold the values of the Navarene military and defend the land from any and all threats
Health – 30
Damage Inflicted – 5 Points
Armor – 4
Movement – Short

Modification – Perception as Level 5

Combat – The general is a capable warrior and skilled commander on the field, often wielding his legendary dual blades in a fray: the longsword “Silver Sister” and shortsword “Weeping Widow”. His mere presence on the battlefield is enough to inspire his men, giving them a +1 damage bonus so long as he’s in sight.

Interaction – Bion is a strong-willed individual and incredibly stubborn. He is totally loyal to the Navarene monarchy and one of few individuals within the army who is incorruptible. The general’s fierce devotion to his nation, however, can sometimes blind him in the face of basic truths. Due to the frequent skirmishing and tension with Draolis, the general is not too fond of Draolians, their government, or the Amber Pope.

Use – The general is a powerful Glaive, but more importantly is a leading commander in the Navarene Army.

Loot – Bion will typically have 4d6 shins, an oddity or cypher, heavy armor, one medium and one light weapon, and additional items.


The name Ireneus Bion is legendary in Navarene and the bordering kingdoms. The general participated in a dozen battles that will forever be etched in history — nearly all ending in victory.

Despite his greying hair, Bion’s strength and energy can hardly be matched, even by those younger captains he commands. Much of Navarene’s military success depends on his actions; a fact he does not take lightly. With such weight on his shoulders, Bion has little choice but to be made of stone – immovable in all things. Those who dare go against him be warned, he will not relent until all opposing forces are crushed.

High General Gerard has the greatest disdain for Bion, due to his great fame and influence as a commander.

Shadows of the Past

General Bion was the commanding officer of Maxxos Raven during the Draolis Conflict.

He personally named Ay’lin Shir an auxiliary of the Navarene Army after hearing of her exploits with Maxxos during the Merkadian Crisis, and led both soldiers at the Siege of the Black Hills.

Bion, Maxxos, and Ay’lin confronted and killed the arch-nano Amara, creator of the Merkadians and ex-magister of the Convergence. After which, he ordered Maxxos to take Amara’s command matrix to the ecclesia in Charmonde, where the Aeon Priest Orren could decipher it.

The general later attended the award ceremony for Maxxos, Ay’lin, Tranavaros Syr, Theron, Jinx, and En’ir and Aegan Nashaki, where they were named ‘Heroes of Navarene’ by Queen Armalu.

He subsequently promoted Maxxos to captain-commander, and continued to lead the garrison at Shallamas.

General Bion

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