The Mind of the Convergence


Level – 8 (24)
Motive – To unlock the power of Bilu-sha-ziri and become a god
Health – 50
Damage Inflicted – 8 points
Armor – 3
Movement – Short

Modification – None

Combat – Iom is a powerful nano and wields many esoteries, including lightning-based Onslaughts. His ability, Jaunt, allows him to teleport to any known location within 5 miles.

Interaction – Iom is incredibly intelligent, even to nano standards. Like some nanos, however, he can be arrogant to a fault. He has a margin of low cunning and may offer the PCs to join him. This is almost always a ruse in order to lower their guard. He will stop at nothing to get the power he desires, and will sacrifice as many people as is required.

Use – Iom is the main antagonist of Shadows of the Past, the master manipulator among the Convergence. He returns as the penultimate antagonist in Shadows of the Past: Aftermath.

Loot – 1d100+100 shins, 1d6 cyphers, and Iom’s mask


Iom was a member of the Triad of Magisters and leader of the Convergence in the northern Steadfast. His base of operations was the Scorpion Sanctum, where he plotted to use an ancient artefact called the Venerator to channel the energy of the Bilu-sha-ziri star to obtain unlimited power.

He was defeated by the Heroes of Navarene in Shadows of the Past and returned as a ‘revenant’ in Aftermath, where he was defeated a second time by the heroes.

Shadows of the Past

Iom was first mentioned by the ex-magister, Amara, who feared he and the triad had gone mad in their pursuit for power. She plotted to raise an army of reanimated Merkadian corpses to kill them before they unlocked the energy of Bilu-sha-ziri. Amara was killed by Ay’lin Shir before she could fulfill this plan. The nano left behind a holographic message within her command matrix, warning the Heroes of Navarene of the triad’s plan.

The heroes first confronted Iom at the Scorpion Sanctum, where he was using the mental power of several abducted Aeon Priests and acolytes to help the Venerator process the energy of Bilu-sha-ziri. There, they fought the magister and En’ir Nashaki struck him down.

Theron removed the magister’s mask, revealing a disfigured face with no eyelids or lips. Iom wasn’t defeated, however. The magister transferred his mind into the body of one of the abducted Aeon Priests, Father Blaise, and attacked the heroes before retreating into a black cube anomaly that fueled the Venerator.

The heroes chased.

The cube brought them to starry chamber of infinite size, at the centre of which pulsated a crimson star — Bilu-sha-ziri. Iom used a second Venerator inside the chamber to directly absorb the star’s energy, giving him godly power. Iom battled the Heroes of Navarene, overwhelming them with fiery power.

Iom’s control over the star waned, however, after the Venerator was destroyed by Maxxos Raven. Too weak to fight, the magister was killed by the captain’s greatsword.

His body disintegrated into embers.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

Six months later, it was revealed that Iom’s mind, and others connected to the Venerator, somehow survived when the heroes destroyed the artefact and released Bilu-sha-ziri’s unstable energy into the atmosphere, creating the Sky Tear.

Iom took the form a colossal fiery skull (reminiscent of his mask), set inside a pillar of crimson fire. He attacked the heroes with jets of inferno, killing the Gaian warrior, Bishen.

He was defeated once again when Tranavaros Syr and Jinx closed the Sky Tear by trapping the black cube that held the star inside a device called the Rifter. Cut from the star’s energy, Iom and the other ember revenants dissolved.

Facts and Trivia

  • It’s possible the magister was Draolic, as his name would suggest. Being both from Draolis and knowledgeable of Aeon Priests with known high mental abilities, indicates he was once an Aeon Priest himself.
  • Iom has physically died three times and is the first character to appear in two separate adventures as an antagonist.
  • It’s possible the body Iom used before possessing Father Blaise wasn’t his original, begging the question of how many bodies he controlled in the past.


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