A dishonorable Jack who wields two weapons & hunts with great skill



Tier: 4
Effort: 2
Exp: 0

Might: 22
Edge: 3

Speed: 22
Edge: 1

Intellect: 10
Edge: 0

Armour: 3


Stealth – S
Defense (M) – S
Deception – S
Climbing – S
Illusions/Trickery Esoteries – T
Intimidation – T
Follow/Identify Tracks – T
Swimming – T
Jumping – T
Balancing – T
Running – T
Initiative – S
Medium Bladed – T

Special Abilities

Flex Skill
Dual Light Wield
Practised in Armour
Practised with Light and Medium Weapons
Inability Pleasant Social
Double Strike (3 Might cost)
Sprint and Grab (2 Speed cost)
Quarry (2 Intellect cost)
Dual Medium Wield
Controlled Fall
Skill with Attacks (Medium Bladed)
Dual Defence
Surprise Attack
Lunge (2 Might cost)


Force Screen Projector
Level: 8
Wearable: Ring
Effect: Creates an immobile plane of solid force up to 20 feet by 20 feet (6.1 m by 6.1 m) for one hour. The plane conforms to the space available.

Floating Bubble
Level: 1
Wearable: Ring
Effect: Upon activation, the user is
encapsulated in a bubble of force for ten
minutes. This bubble floats at least 1 foot (0.3m) in the air at all times but moves as the user wishes vertically or horizontally, up to a short distance each round. The user cannot penetrate the bubble, and neither can forces from the outside. Not even ambient damage gets through. Dealing at least 50 points of damage to the bubble destroys it. Damaging the bubble does not harm the user inside until the bubble is destroyed, at which point he falls from
whatever height the bubble was at.

Artifacts & Oddities

Oddity: Hoop that sharpens any blade that passes through it
Oddity: A glowing sign that says “The cake is a lie.”
Oddity: Jar of glowing blue metallic bugs.

Mechanical Left Leg:
Mechanical leg grafted to a stump on a
person’s body.
Effect: Once the leg is attached, the user has complete control over the limb and uses it naturally. The leg grants an asset on any task that involves running.

4 points of damage, long range
Depletion: 1 in 1d10 every fight


Explorer’s Pack
– Rations (40 days)
– Spikes (3)
– Hammer
– Torches (3)
– Glowglobes (2)
Bag of Light Tools
– Small Tongs
– Pliers
– Screwdriver
– Small Hammer
– Small Pry Bar
– Lockpicks (1)
– String (10ft)
– Wire (3ft)
– Screws & Nails
Bed Roll
Grappling Hook
Razor Web (Cutting Asset)
Boots that muffle footsteps (+1 all stealthy actions)
20 Cigarettes
26 Matchsticks

Noble Disguise:
Noble Clothing
Valuable Golden Chain

Shins: 1671


Scimitar (x2) (7 damage)
Dagger (x2) (2 damage)
Cleaver (2 damage)


Born in Kaparin, Jinx was a boy abandoned by his parents. He grew up on a small fishing boat, captained by a short, rotund man known only as Captain Madrox, manning the sails until he turned 13 when he decided he would once more return to his birthplace. Upon returning he realized this place was unsafe for a boy his age and deemed it his responsibility to become something more. Gambling and stealing at the age of 14, he left shortly after turning 17 heading for The City of Bridges, it was there he met En’ir Nashaki who trained him in the ways of the blade. And has followed him ever since hoping to one day equal his friend’s skill with a blade.

Height: 5"4
Weight: 135 pounds
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Green


Numenera: Shadows of the Past GM_01 Serosanguineous