Maxxos Raven

A strong Glaive who masters defense and stands like a Bastion



Tier: 4
Effort: 2
Exp: 0

Might: 30
Edge: 3

Speed: 15
Edge: 1

Intellect: 14
Edge: 0

Armour: 7


Balancing – T
Breaking Objects – S
Jumping – T
Heavy Blade-S
Medium Blade-S
Intellect Defense-T

Special Abilities

Thrust (1 Might)
Bash (1 Might)
Practiced in Armour
Shield Master
Surging confidence
Opportunist(2 Might)
Mighty Blow(2 Might)
Brutality(3 Might)
Experienced defender

1.Dry Water

Artifacts & Oddities

Silken string three feet long that coils around whatever it touches

A small rod that emits a voice saying the same thing in an unknown language every time a button is pushed.

Metallic jar that maintains the temperature of liquid
inside indefinitely.

Small mirrored cube

Battle Armor


Explorer’s Pack
– Rope (50ft)
– Rations (22 days)
– Spikes (2)
– Hammer
– Warm Clothes
– Sturdy Boots
– Torches (3)
– Glowglobes (1)
Book of Numenera
“Bobo” the stuffed Seskii
Shins: 2316


Vigilance (Greatsword) (6 damage)
Broadsword (4 damage)
Javelin (4 damage)


Born to a simple family in a small Navarene village, Maxxos Raven had a fairly normal life. One day, on his 8th birthday, his town was attacked by bandits. The bandits raided his home and killed his parents before his eyes. Maxxos was spared and taken in as a prisoner and eventually joined the bandits. He raided and pillaged until he was seventeen when the bandits were finally caught by royal guards. All of the bandits were slaughtered, except for Maxxos who narrowly escaped, now with a price on his head.

He moved carefully from town to town, getting jobs where he could. After a full year, he risked going to one of the capital cities, Shallamas, hoping his bounty had been forgotten. Sadly, when he arrived at the local bar, he was immediately recognized and attacked. When the city guard came to break it up, he had already killed two people and was arrested on the spot. Having spent a few months in prison, awaiting his trial, and inevitable execution, he was given a choice: join the military or die. He accepted and then spent the next eight years in the military, and eventually assumed the rank of captain.

Maxxos Raven

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