Me'gan Vix

A Ghanic bandit of the eastern plains


Level – 4 (12)
Motive – To live freely and die rich
Health – 25
Damage Inflicted – 4 Points
Armour – 2
Movement – Short

Modification – Social interactions as level 5, stealth as level 5, boat navigation and sailing as level 5

Attractiveness – 20/20

Combat – Me’gan is in her element during ranged combat; she is deadly with a crossbow and deadlier with her throwing knives. Her affinity for water makes it +1 step more difficult to attack or speed defend against her while she’s on a boat or beside bodies of water. Me’gan is reasonable, however, and will accept a payment to avoid conflict — unless she was attacked first.

Interaction – Me’gan is a strong-willed rogue who wanders from place to place, unbound. She believes in freedom and money, living to her life motto: ‘gold has no borders’. An opportunist, Me’gan sees a potential ally — and victim — in everyone. She values freedom above all things, and disapproves of authority and routine. Me’gan is blunt and says her mind, though will lie when it suits her or gets her ahead. She isn’t offended at those who betray her — but respects those who are able to succeed.

Description – Me’gan is a dark beauty with a youthful appearance. Her looks make it difficult for most men and women to resist her charms.

Use – Me’gan is a potential companion in Shadows of the Past.

Loot – ?


Me’gan was born in the Sea Kingdom of Ghan. Though she has yet to reveal in detail why she travelled to Navarene, it can be assumed the wealth and prosperity of the land appealed to her.

Shadows of the Past

Me’gan was first encountered in Act II of Part Two, leading a group of bandits who were after a boy named Tren. Captain Maxxos Raven and Ay’lin Shir protected the boy and forced Me’gan and the other outlaws to retreat.

Later, Tren revealed himself to be a Nibovian — an artificial being that drains the life-force of those it manipulates — and trapped Maxxos and Ay’lin in order to kill them and use their biological matter to create bodies for its ‘siblings’. Me’gan, who was aware of the boy’s nature from the beginning, tracked the pair to their camp and saved them. The trio then fought Tren, Me’gan firing the fatal crossbolt that killed him.

The bandit laid claim to the cypher organs that animated the Nibovian, wishing to sell them in Fasten and Charmonde. In gratitude for saving their lives, Ay’lin offered Me’gan shins and a ride to Fasten. Me’gan accepted, though noted she would have stolen the shins anyway.

When questioned about Tren, Me’gan revealed she had been hunting the Nibovian for months after it manipulated and killed one of her close friends. During her hunt for Tren, the Nibovian had claimed two victims prior to encountering Maxxos and Ay’lin. Their bodies were burned by Me’gan before they could become Nibovians. Since she mentioned no other Nibovian, it’s implied she also killed her friend during or after the process.

Upon arriving at Fasten, Me’gan showed her nature as a bandit and stole Maxxos’s aneen and possessions. She later encountered Tranavaros Syr, Theron, and En’ir Nashaki on the Vagabond Road to Charmonde, and fled from them after stealing Theron’s shins.

After being saved from a wild frilled baul by Theron, Me’gan chose to avoid further conflict and returned Theron’s shins. To show no hard feelings, she also agreed to give her stolen aneen to Theron’s party.

Me’gan was later encountered accompanying Jinx and Aegan Nashaki into Charmonde, unaware of her previous dealings with Theron. She disappeared into an inn before the parties could make the connection.

Me’gan met the Inquisitor, Alcyr, in the Wayward Inn following the latter’s battle with Tranavaros Syr and the others. She immediately felt drawn to his presence, despite her instincts telling her to stay away.

Facts and Trivia

  • Me’gan Vix is statistically the most attractive female NPC encountered in Shadows of the Past.
  • Me’gan Vix’s name is a reference to the real world actress, Megan Fox. The surname ‘Vix’ comes from ‘vixen’, meaning a female fox.
  • Aside from the Inquisitor and Orren, Me’gan is the only NPC to have met and joined both PC parties in Shadows of the Past, and the only one to encounter them separately beforehand.
  • Along with the Inquisitor, Me’gan is the only NPC in the Shadows of the Past campaign to appear in a short story

Me'gan Vix

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