Mother Eleanor

Archpriest of the Amber Monolith


Level – 8 (24)
Motive – To gain power and become Amber Pope
Health – 30
Damage Inflicted – 8 Points
Armour – 3
Movement – Short

Modification – None

Combat – Mother Eleanor is like most nano types and wields esoteries in battle. Most of her powers are based around fire. She can, however, perform any number of esoteries, including:

Learn: She can scan and ascertain one valuable bit of information or secret concerning the target.

Telekinesis: She can move an object no bigger than herself within long range.

Interaction – Mother Eleanor is aloof and arrogant, regarding others only by title and status. She is ambitious and self-centred, willing to sacrifice others for personal gain. She can, however, exude a sense of kindness and wisdom to fool others into dropping their guard.

Use – Mother Eleanor is the archpriest of the ecclesia in the Amber Monolith, and the overall leader of the Northern Crusade against the Gaians. She’s the main quest giver at the beginning of Shadows of the Past: Aftermath, and later serves as the campaign’s final antagonist.

Loot – 1d100+100, 1d6 oddities, 1d6+2, and armoring cloth.


Mother Eleanor was an archpriest of the Order of Truth and a vicar of the High Curia. She was assigned to the Ecclesia of the Amber Monolith to directly oversee the Northern Crusade, and is the superior of Tranavaros Syr during his quest to close the Sky Tear.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

Mother Eleanor was first met by Tranavaros Syr, Maxxos Raven, Theron, and Ay’lin Shir during their arrival at the ecclesia in the Amber Monolith. The archpriest gave the heroes a sharp reception, wanting to get them away on their mission to close the Sky Tear as soon as possible.

She ordered Tranavaros to return with the black cube anomaly originally used by the Convergence to power the Venerator, and gave him permission to contain the Sky Tear with the Rifter artefact. After the details of the mission were given, the archpriest directed them to Polemarch Ianos to obtain leave to enter the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.

Following the Gaian-Aeon truce arranged by Polemarch Ianos and the Urgevek, the Heroes of Navarene were warned by Ianos that Mother Eleanor was unlikely to support peace, as it didn’t coincide with her ambitions. Mistrustful of the archpriest’s motives, the heroes agreed to keep the Rifter from her.

Mother Eleanor gave the heroes a warmer welcome after their return to the Amber Monolith, pleased with their success in the north. She held a feast in their honour, during which the heroes lied about the whereabouts of the Rifter and their allegiance to the Gaians. The archpriest was not exactly fooled, however, and revealed the banquet to be an ambush.

Aeon Guardians and two members of the elite Amber Guard stormed the ecclesia hall, surrounding the heroes. Mother Eleanor spoke of her plot to kill them and destroy their air balloon, Highwind, over the northern plains. She’d accuse the Gaians of the attack, giving Ianos no choice but continue the crusade against them. The ensuing war would only worsen, forcing the High Curia to give Eleanor more emergency powers. Once she unlocked the secrets of the north and conquered the Gaians, the Order of Truth would have no choice but to promote her to the High Curia, from which she’d usurp the Amber Pope’s position.

During the fight against the heroes, Mother Eleanor learnt of Tranavaros’s possession of the Rifter and stole the artefact. Powered by the Bilu-sha-ziri star stored inside it, the Rifter enhanced Mother Eleanor’s abilities to godly levels. The archpriest almost destroyed the heroes, but was thwarted by their clever planning and swift action.

Mother Eleanor was killed by En’ir Nashaki when the former Aeon Guardian decapitated her with his battle-scythe.

Mother Eleanor

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