A slave from Uxphon


Level – 3 (9)
Motive – To serve her master
Health – 15
Damage Inflicted – 2 Points
Armour – 0
Movement – Short

Modification – Prepares food as level 7; all matters relating to Beyond knowledge as level 5

Combat – Myanna is competent with a knife but is not a good fighter. She is best avoiding skirmishes.

Interaction – Myanna has been trained to speak only when spoken to. Her social skills consist of being silent, giving short replies, and listening to those who can’t do either.

Use – Myanna is a kitchen servant, trained to obey her master in all things.

Loot – N/A


Myanna was born a slave in Uxphon. Little is known about her parents, except that she loved her mother dearly.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

Myanna was bought at a slave auction in Uxphon by Aegan to save her from a beady-eyed nobleman. She joined the Heroes of Navarene as a companion and was allowed to choose her name when she revealed her previous slave names differed from master to master, with her first name simply being ‘Five’, to reflect the price she was sold for.

She chose the name ‘Myanna’, her mother’s name.

Myanna accompanied Aegan and the other heroes on the air balloon, Highwind. Together they flew to Fort Toinette, where she watched the Gaian and Aeon forces almost clash in battle.

After the Gaians and Aeons announced a truce, Myanna journeyed with the heroes to the Amber Monolith. She’d never seen anything like the floating obelisk before, and mentioned stories of its sister, the Obelisk of the Water God.

During the heroes’ conflict with Mother Eleanor, Myanna remained with Aegan’s razorcat in the Highwind.


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