A former magister of the Convergence and acolyte of Truth


Level – 5 (15)
Motive – To free himself of past mistakes and find the truth about who he is and where he belongs
Health – 18
Damage Inflicted – 2 Points
Armour – 0
Movement – Short

Modification – Defends as level 6, resists mental effects as level 6, interaction with numenera as level 7.

Combat – Orren’s strength lies in his defensive capabilities. He wields an electrical force field esotery granting him 4 armour for 10 minutes and dealing 2 points of lightning damage to anyone attempting a melee attack, bypassing their armour. When attacking, Orren will utilise a devastating Onslaught to assault the mind of his enemies. Orren is aided by his pet shanu in battle and can enhance his abilities by one step through a means of telepathy, making him a difficult opponent to defeat.

Interaction – Orren is a withdrawn individual who spends more time interacting with his pet shanu than he does people. He is polite when interacting with strangers, but becomes defensive whenever his past life as a magister is brought up, especially in reference to his parents.

Use – Orren is the only member of the Order of Truth in Navarene that can decipher Amara’s command matrix.

Loot – ?


Orren chose to join the Order of Truth after realising the motives of the Convergence were reckless and power driven, a realisation his parents — Orianne and Tatianus — helped him come to after the magisters’ minds were warped by Convergence dogma.

Due to his intellect and experience as a former member of the Convergence, Orren was the only member of the Order of Truth in Navarene with the ability to decipher Amara’s command matrix.

Shadows of the Past

Orren aided Maxxos Raven and Ay’lin Shir in deciphering Amara’s command matrix, which revealed the Convergence’s plan to utilise an ancient device called the Venerator to channel the energy of the Bilu-sha-ziri star to attain unlimited power.

Following Maxxos and Ay’lin’s venture into Falkerstone, where they encountered Orren’s parents teleporting Aeon Priests and young acolytes to the Empty Sanctum, Orren agreed to help them stop the Convergence’s plans.

Orren joined the party and guided them through the Empty Sanctum, eventually confronting Orianne and Tatianus. In the end, Orren accepted he could not save his parents, and helped defeat them.

Orren and the party later learned that magister Iom was using the advanced brains of Aeon Priests to fuel the Venerator’s processor. He, Maxxos and En’ir Nashaki destroyed the device, bringing an end to the Convergence’s plans.

Weeks later, Orren, now an ordained Aeon Priest, attended the awards ceremony along with the others, where he was named a ‘Hero of Navarene’ by Queen Armalu.


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