The Voice of the Convergence


Level – 6 (18)
Motive – To spread the dogma of the Convergence
Health – 30
Damage Inflicted – 8 points
Armour – 3
Movement – Short

Combat – Quaran is a skillful nano with a variety of esoteries under his sleeve. Though powerful, he prefers to send his many followers and guards to deal with enemies, only entering the fight when the last of them have fallen.

Known as the ‘Voice of the Convergence’, Quaran’s ability of persuasion goes beyond the ordinary. His voice allows him to bewitch a player character and control them verbally for up to one minute, as long as the character can see the magister.

Interaction – Quaran is a zealous preacher who believes the way of the Convergence to be the true path of divinity. To this end, he treats his followers as stepping stones towards godhood. Quaran is arrogant and may underestimate the player characters.

Use – Quaran is the head of the Empty Sanctum and the magister in charge of abducting acolytes and Aeon Priests for the Venerator.

He is the penultimate antagonist of Shadows of the Past: Part III

Loot – Quaran’s Mask and study journal


Quaran, known as the ‘Voice of the Convergence’, was a member of the Triad of Magisters who orchestrated the abduction of acolytes and Aeon Priests to power a device called the Venerator, as a means to harness the power of the Bilu-sha-ziri star. Quaran named it the Venerator, as he believed the energy it processed from the star would turn the magisters into divine beings.

Shadows of the Past

Quaran was first mentioned by his lieutenant, Orianne, in Falkerstone after she and Tatianus were confronted by Maxxos Raven and Ay’lin Shir. Former magister, Orren, spoke of him as an overzealous man with a one-track mind. Amara, an exiled magistrix, called him and the Triad ‘insane and power hungry’.

Quaran was finally encountered during one of his preaches, when Maxxos and Tranavaros Syr led a party into the Empty Sanctum to find Brother Blaise and other abductees from the Order of Truth. The magister fought the party after watching Orianne and Tatianus perish in combat.

He was able to bewitch Maxxos into aiding him, but was eventually killed by the rest of the party when Aegan Nashaki finished him with a crossbolt to the throat, forever silencing him.

Quaran’s mask and study notes were retrieved from his body and were instrumental in piecing together the triad’s plan to absorb the energy of the Bilu-sha-ziri star to obtain godlike power.


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