A famed champion of the Uxphon arena


Level – 6 (18)
Motive – To serve his master
Health – 28
Damage Inflicted – 10 Points
Armour – 2
Movement – Short

Modification – Attacks and makes defence rolls as level 7; Speed defence as level 8.

Combat – The gladiator champion is a master of the Uxphon dual-bladed combat style. He can attack with both blades at a single foe for 10 points of damage, or attack two foes at once for 8 points of damage each.

Interaction – Rask has been trained to speak only when spoken to. His social skills consist of being silent, giving short replies, and listening to those who can’t do either.

Use – He is a deadly warrior, though to his master he is nothing more than a servant. Trained to be obedient from birth, Rask will follow his master anywhere and will obey even if it means death.

Loot – N/A


Rask was born a slave in Uxphon. During his childhood he was bought by an arena master who saw his potential as a gladiator. He was trained to wield two swords and became a famed warrior of the arena, winning over 20 battles and earning the title of champion.

After his 34th birthday, Rask was deemed too old for the arena life and was sold to a slaver.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

Rask was bought at a slave auction in Uxphon by Jinx to save the gladiator from a reptilian noblewoman. He joined the Heroes of Navarene as a companion and helped them understand Uxphon society and the ways of the battle arena. He and the heroes later fought the arena grand champion, Llaritan, and successfully killed the undefeated warrior.

Llaritan’s master, Xanpon, demanded compensation for the loss of his champion in an eight-against-one fight. The arena officials agreed and trapped the heroes in the arena to fight among themselves until the last man.

Rask stepped forward and volunteered to take the title of grand champion, which ensured the heroes’ safety, and allowed him to return to fame as a gladiator.


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