Sister Twia

A healer of Fasten


Level – 5 (15)
Motive – To oppose the use of numenera and heal those in need
Health – 15
Damage Inflicted – 3 Points
Movement – Short

Modification – Defends as level 6. Resists mental effects as level 6. Deals with all matters of healing as level 7.

Combat – Sister Twia isn’t as frail as she appears. She has an array of esoteric abilities at her disposal, including lightning and fire onslaughts. Her defensive capabilities are as impressive as her offensive, being capable of creating a force field around her body for ten minutes to give her a bonus of 4 armour. She may use one healing potion during a battle to restore her health by 5 points.

Interaction – Sister Twia is a kind, wizened woman with a strong philosophy against the use of numenera. Cyphers and other numenera devices on someone’s person are to be left outside of her apothecary store, the Loose Leaf, before being permitted to enter. She will, however, offer her opinion on the subject of numenera if queried about her past life as an Aeon Priest. She is known to offer free herbal tea to her customers for free (restores intellect pool to full). Few people in Navarene possess the level of healing knowledge that Twia has.

Use – Sister Twia is a former Aeon Priest, now humble healer. Her past is one filled with turbulence and disasters.

Loot – ?


The townspeople of Fasten call her Sister Twia, though she left the Order of Truth over forty years ago and no longer performs the tasks of an Aeon Priest. Twia abandoned the organisation after her experiments on a numenera device caused an explosion, killing seven other Aeon Priests and destroying the Ecclesia of Dynafel.

She was commissioned by Queen Whenith Sarromere, the former power-hungry ruler of Iscobal, to construct the device. Fearing the wrath of the queen and believing the numenera to be too dangerous, Sister Twia fled from the country and went into hiding. The queen issued a bounty, sanctioned by the Amber Pope, of 500 shins for the renegade. The bounty is still in effect, despite the queen and her family having been removed from the throne.

These days, Sister Twia lives a humble life in Fasten, where she heals the sick and continues to make amends for her past mistakes. She has earned the respect of all the town’s people.

Sister Twia

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