The Inquisitor

Order of Truth's notorious shadowcaster


Level – 8 (24)
Motive – To serve the Order of Truth and hunt its renegades
Health – 50
Damage Inflicted – 6 points (w/sword)
4 points (Physical Onslaught)
Armour – 4
Movement – Short

Combat – The Inquisitor utilises melee weapons and shadowy esoteries with equal skill, making him a deadly opponent in both close and ranged combat. However, he will favour melee combat.

He is perceptive in battle and will eliminate ranged enemies before targeting the highest tiered player, though will change tactics as a fight progresses. He will try to focus on his assigned target until they are dead.

The Inquisitor has an array of abilities, including teleportation, mind manipulation, and blinding shadows. If his health drops below 10 points, he will summon the apex of his power to create fatal Onslaught projectiles, increasing the damage of Physical and Mental Onslaughts by 6 points.

Interaction – The Inquisitor follows the only truth that matters: power. He recognises no authority but the Amber Pope, though will sometimes operate outside of the Papacy’s will. He has a solitary personality and will rarely work with other members of the order. The Inquisitor is not forgiving, and most, if not all, his actions are based on the success of his mission. Failure is not an option.

Sympathy, seduction or bribes won’t persuade the Inquisitor from his duty, but only reinforce his resolve.

Use – The Inquisitor serves the Amber Pope and fulfills the Order of Truth’s most dangerous and darkest assignments. He is a hunter of the deadliest renegade priests, a legendary figure who stands above the Seekers of Truth and the Aeon Guardians in skill and notoriety.

He and Raoul Dufort served as the main antagonists of Shadows of the Past: Part II.

Loot – ?


Alcyr, known as the Inquisitor, was the Order of Truth’s greatest assassin and master shadowcaster raised and trained under the personal tutelage of the Amber Pope from a young age. His backstory was featured in the short story The Inquisitor.

Shadows of the Past

Alcyr appeared in Charmonde to eliminate Seeker Tranavaros Syr after the priest was declared a renegade for killing Seeker Tiresia and assisting in the theft of ancient numenera artefacts.

Alcyr investigated Tranavaros’s presence in the town of Fasten and linked the priest to the death of Tiresia and her Aeon Guardians through residual esoteric energy. He found Tranavaros with party members En’ir, Aegan, Theron, and Jinx in the Ironmaiden blacksmith, selling the stolen breastplate of General Naos.

Seeing no way of convincing Alcyr to walk away, En’ir initiated a battle.

Despite the party’s prowess in combat and array of abilities, Alcyr was able to withstand their combined might and defeated them, almost killing Aegan and Tranavaros.

The party escaped using a teleporting ring, forcing Alcyr to track them a second time.

Discovering the party at the Ecclesia of Charmonde, Alcyr learned that Mother Hiana had bestowed the Right of Mendicancy upon Tranavaros, thus granting him asylum from the Inquisitor.

Alcyr watched as Tranavaros and En’ir faced the Mendicant Rite; the Seeker was rendered blind and En’ir’s right arm was dismembered.

After the party accepted to aid Maxxos and Ay’lin in the dangerous task of entering the Empty Sanctum, one of the Convergence’s secret hideouts, Alcyr was ordered by the Amber Pope to accompany the mendicants — to ensure their commitment.

Alcyr helped the party kill the magisters Quaran and Iom, and aided in the destruction of the Venerator, a dangerous device kept by the Convergence.

Though hailed one of the ‘Heroes of Navarene’ for his role in the Convergence Affair by Queen Armalu, Alcyr didn’t attend the award ceremony.

The Inquisitor subsequently vanished, with nothing but rumours and hearsay to substantiate his continuous role as the Amber Pope’s assassin.

The Inquisitor

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