The Urgevek

Leader of the Gaians


Level – 7 (21)
Motive – To protect the Cloudcrystal Skyfields from any threat
Health – 30
Damage Inflicted – 12 Points
Armor – 1
Movement – Short

Modification – Speed defence as level 8; senses hiding and sneaking foes at level 8

Combat – The Urgevek’s battle prowess is legendary among the Gaians. His skill and precision with a spear is almost inhuman, and his ferocity as a lycanthrope is fearsome. The Urgevek will not transform into his beast state without first sustaining injury.

Interaction – The Urgevek is chief among chiefs in Lostrei, home of the Gaian tribes, and has a presence that commands respect. He is wise and rarely reckless, using reason to guide his actions. He takes pride in his heritage and deeply respects Gaian custom and beliefs.

Use – As the leader of the Gaians, the Urgevek could prove to be a great ally or mighty enemy.

Loot – ?


The birth name of the Urgevek hasn’t been spoken in years, since he took the mantle of chief among chiefs at the Conclave of the Tribes. Not much is known of the Gaian, other than he was leader of the Shamalia tribe before being named Urgevek during the onset of the Northern Crusade. He was revered as a great warrior and wise commander by the Parahni, a legendary band of Gaian lycanthropes chosen to guard the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.

Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

The Urgevek first appeared leading a party of Gaians who saved the Heroes of Navarene from a jiraskar. He and his son, Bishen, watched as En’ir Nashaki was brought back from death by the quishamis. Following the event, the Urgevek named En’ir a member of the Parahni.

Believing En’ir’s destiny involved saving the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, the Urgevek sent Bishen with the heroes to act as a guide during their mission to close the Sky Tear — an anomaly that threatened the world.

His son died fighting alongside the heroes.

The Urgevek was next seen preparing an assault on Fort Toinette with a Gaian army at his back. He was stopped by the Heroes of Navarene, who delivered the body of Bishen to him.

After hearing of his sons honourable deeds and circumstances that led to his death, the Urgevek withdrew his forces, wanting no more bloodshed. Following this, the heroes arranged for the Gaian leader and Polemarch Ianos, commander of the Aeon Gaurdians, to make peace.

His belief about En’ir ultimately proved correct when the warrior killed the corrupt Aeon Priest, Mother Eleanor, bringing an end to the Northern Crusade.

The Urgevek

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