A Mutant Milavian Glaive who Rages and Needs No Weapon.



Tier: 2
Effort: 2
Exp: 0

Might: 26* (*5 added as damage absorbing)
Edge: 1

Speed: 15
Edge: 1

Intellect: 8
Edge: 0

Armour: 4


Organic steel flesh
Snakelike arm
Purple eyes


Jumping – S
Intimidation – T
Mental Defense – T
Unarmed Attacks – S
Climbing – S
Special Abilities

Fists of Fury
Flesh of Stone
Practised in armour
Practised with all weapons
Trained without armour
No need for weapons
Muscles of Iron
Advantage to Disadvantage
Mighty Blow
Quick Recovery
Level: 1d6
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: Unfolds into a clear, padded synth orb
about 8 feet (2 m) in diameter, with a large
door that swings open. Once inside, the user
can strap herself in and voice-program the
orb with a location. The orb will roll to said
Long-term movement,
page 100
location with the user inside, increasing travel
speed along a road to about 5 miles (8 km)
per hour and overland travel speed to about
4 miles (6 km) per hour during long-term
Unfolding the orb is an action. Getting
inside and programming it is also an action.

Artifacts & Oddities

Oddity: Box with a tiny group of musicians in it who play when it is opened and look horrified when it is closed
Oddity: Six-inch (15 cm) wand of glass that can be bent and even tied in a knot.

Explorer’s Pack
– Rope (50ft)
– Rations (29 Days)
– Spikes (2)
– Hammer
– Warm Clothes
– Sturdy Boots
– Torches (7)
– Glowglobes (2)
– General Naos’s skeletal hand.
– Non-sterile bandages
– Iom’s mask
– Hero’s medallion
– Light breasplate

1 Bag of Light Tools:
– Small Tongs
– Pliers
– Screwdriver
– Small Hammer
– Small Pry Bar
– Lockpicks
– String (10ft)
– Wire (3ft)
– Screws & Nails

– Piece of paper stating if I am ever captured or forced to live under someone else I would like to die.

Shins: 62

– Ice Blade “Ophelia’s Tears” (Just for decoration or for a rare occasion when he does require a blade)
– Shock ring
– Broadsword


Theron had no reason to count on another. He kept to himself — no questions asked. Being a man of such independence and fervor, Theron had a considerable way of accomplishing his tasks with initiative. Being a mutant from birth, his family was horrified at his inhuman capabilities, leaving him discarded in the inapt streets of the sullen Milavian town.

He was found, nurtured and recruited into a covert group solely made up of the outcasts of mutants everywhere. His skills were honed to use his mutations…no — gifts, in combat. Theron was praised for his talents at dispatching dangers that damaged merchant trade routes within the region. This led to a prosperous partnership between him and a merchant named Sybil. She was a trader who was vastly experienced at increasing the amount of shins in someone’s pockets. This led to a beneficial relationship between the two, acquiring many assets in only a few months. She granted him protection from the people of the city and in return he provided her his skills in making people ‘disappear’.

But of course with affluence came notoriety. Sybil had many enemies, and the night before she would set off with Theron on a profitable journey, a ghost from her past came to visit her. His demands were straightforward. End the profit she was earning or there would be bloodshed: namely her family. Scared and distraught, Sybil chose to betray her business partner by alerting the authorities of his ‘supposed theft’. She immediately assembled the local guards and sought Theron’s life. There was no mercy for mutants, Theron learned that a long time ago. It turned to years of avoiding pursuit, living in the lowest human conditions and having to leave a trail of corpses behind. Theron saw that he was in the exact same hole he suffered relentless to dig out of.

Years later, Theron was a cloaked nomad, working side jobs under the moon. Theron took jobs from the local posts across the countryside. Fighting, killing, training and learning various aspects of how to live on his own, the prey became the predator
…In hopes he would forge his own path.
One he had a better control over.


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