A deadly bounty hunter


Level – 6 (18)
Motive – To collect her bounty
Health – 28
Damage Inflicted – 10 Points
Armor – 2
Movement – Short

Combat – Verenus is a skilled warrior who is capable of attacking two opponents in a single action, inflicting 8 points of damage. Her training grants her the ability to move a short distance and attack in the same action.

Interaction – Verenus is direct and short on time for liars. Her only interest is her target, and anyone standing in the way of her bounty will risk being cut down along with them.

Use – If a PC needs hunting, Verenus is the woman for the job.

Loot – Verenus carries 1d100+20 shins and a cypher or oddity.


‘I come from a pissy little town, in a pissy little country’ – Verenus to Jinx

Verenus was a bounty hunter encountered in Fasten by Jinx, En’ir Nashaki, Tranavaros Syr, and Asher Marlen. Her bounty was the renegade Sister Twia, a former Aeon Priest and the town’s healer. After intimidating Jinx into divulging the location of Twia, Verenus entered the Loose Leaf store to kill her target and collect the bounty. Jinx and the others helped Sister Twia defeat the bounty hunter.

Ultimately, it was Tranavaros that killed Verenus with a fire Onslaught.


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