Yogo the Merchant

A merchant of Shallamas


Level – 3 (9)
Motive – To make profit. Always.
Health – 9
Damage Inflicted – 3 Points
Movement – Short

Modification – Perception as Level 5

Combat – Yogo is not one to enter harm’s way unless backed into a corner. He allows his hired thugs to do his dirty work and defend him from any would-be attacker. This said, Yogo is not defenceless and his sliminess shouldn’t be underestimated. If confronted directly and without his guards, Yogo will reveal his knife and attack. If his health drops to 3 or less, he will see the error of his ways and plead for mercy.

Interaction – Practical and seemingly without moral, Yogo is one of few merchants who can truly say he has a one track mind. He has no friends, he has business partners; he has no lovers, he has prostitutes; and the only thing he trusts more than himself is the fact that shins make the world go around – not gravitational pull.

Use – Despite all that he may be, Yogo is still a merchant and still wants your money. Items, oddities, and other interesting trinkets are all in his possession. It would be frivolous not to look at his wares.

Loot – Yogo will typically have 1d6+5 shins, an oddity, a cypher, and a knife with a handle encrusted with gems (worth 3 shins) on his person.


There isn’t much to tell of Yogo’s past, other than its dark, golden, and bloody. His reputation is such that even the prestigious Provani family prefer to trade with him than cross him, though it isn’t always their favourite activity.

Yogo has many enemies, few loyal partners, and countless connections. The latter is the reason he has thrived so long – and he plans to keep it that way.

Yogo the Merchant

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