Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Part Three, Act II
The Present

February 11: Morning

The party ventured to the end of the corridor and stopped at a metallic door that illuminated a white aura. At the centre of the door was a face imprint, cuing Tranavaros to don the mask retrieved from the dead Quaran. The Seeker pressed his face into the imprint, activating the door and opening it to reveal a grand circular chamber.

The chamber floor was covered with a metallic grid that pulsed with energy and incinerated anything it touched. Convergence guards and feral warriors guarded the chamber, firing arrows from their hovering platforms. A control panel sat at the centre of the room, mounted atop a glass platform.

Using his Ultimate Grapnel, Jinx reached the control panel, and with the help of the Inquisitor, killed the two ferals guarding the platform. The rest of the party killed the Convergence guards, and the Inquisitor deactivated the floor grid, allowing them to proceed to a stairway leading to a second floor.

They entered the upper chamber, which appeared identical in size and shape to the one beneath. Magister Iom — the ‘Mind of the Convergence’ — greeted them.

The skull-masked magister stood atop a pyramid of glass and metal, the structure dominating the room at a height of fifteen feet. Surrounding the base of the pyramid was eighteen acolytes and Aeon Priests, each rigged to the device via data cables plugged into the back of their heads. Other wires ran from it across the room to a perfect cube of blackness, standing eleven feet high.

Iom expressed his surprise that the ecclesia and Navarene army were able learn of his plans and the whereabouts of the sanctums. When told how Amara’s command matrix led Maxxos and the party to him, Iom lamented her unwillingness to aid his plans and the Convergence’s failings to kill her before she drew attention to them. Regardless of how much the party knew, however, Iom wasn’t going to let them leave the sanctum alive.

The magister stayed perched atop the pyramid, casting super charged onslaughts at the party. During the fight, Theron pulled the cable from the back of an acolyte’s head in an attempt to free him. The acolyte screamed and convulsed before falling into a coma. The pyramid reacted to Theron’s actions, seemingly losing power. The Inquisitor teleported to Iom and knocked him down the side of the pyramid, leaving him open for attack.

En’ir thrust his blade into the magister, killing him. Theron removed Iom’s metallic skull mask, revealing a scarred face with no eyelids or lips, and a menacing grin of teeth.

Tranavaros attempted to free the people plugged into the pyramid device, first freeing Brother Blaise. The Aeon Priest thanked the Seeker for his help, before firing a super charged onslaught at his chest.

Part Three, Act I
The Past

February 10: Morning

Mother Hiana questioned Tranavaros and his comrades, demanding to know who they were. Unable to lie, Tranavaros divulged their identities and admitted their crimes to the archpriest.

In a final plead for their lives, Tranavaros requested the Right of Mendicancy. Seeing their arrival as an opportunity, Mother Hiana weighed the possibility of the group aiding Maxxos and Ay’lin in stopping the Convergence. After a recommendation from Maxxos to keep them alive, Mother Hiana granted them mendicancy. The Inquisitor tracked his targets to the ecclesia, arriving too late to finish what he started.

Tranavaros was now a mendicant, protected by a vow of redemption. The price for salvation, however, was high. The Inquisitor and Mother Hiana observed as Tranavaros’s eyes were cut and rendered blind (a Seeker of Truth’s mark of shame) and En’ir’s right arm was dismembered (punishment for wielding a stolen relic), fulfilling the Mendicant Rites.


Tranavaros and En’ir purchased mechanical replacements for their missing organs, and had Dean Ennon surgically implant them. Meanwhile, Jinx upgraded his left leg with his own mechanical limb.

The party, now consisting of the Tranavaros and Maxxos groups, gathered back at the ecclesia library where they were joined by Orren and the Inquisitor, on the Amber Pope’s behest. Mother Hiana offered them her blessing before they used Amara’s command matrix to teleport to the Empty Sanctum.

In a large antechamber, the party listened to the preaching of Magister Quaran through a door. En’ir kicked the door down, leading the party into a grand hall full of magisters, feral warriors and Convergence guards.

Standing on a platform was Quaran dressed in a maroon robe and purple vestment, wearing a gilded mask. By his sides stood Orianne and Tatianus.

After the ranks of guards protecting Quaran were slain, Orianne and Tatianus entered the fray. During the fight, Orianne mocked Orren and denounced him as a traitor. It was then that she identified the young acolyte as her and Tatianus’s son.

Maxxos cut down Orianne as she screamed for blood, leaving Tatianus to beg Orren for mercy. The Inquisitor’s onslaught finished the magister, choking him in a wisp of shadow in front of a silent Orren.

With the death of his lieutenants, Magister Quaran descended from the platform, wielding esoteries of lightning. His lingering entourage of magisters were immobilised by the Inquisitor, leaving him to face the party alone.

After a lengthy battle, Quaran fell to a fatal arrow from Aegan’s bow.

The Inquisitor killed the remaining magisters, but not before learning of a conduit room, which connected three sanctums across Navarene. Brother Blaise and his acolytes had been taken to the Scorpion Sanctum — a place Amara’s hologram hinted to hold the star Bilu-sha-ziri.

The party found the conduit room, which held two identical teleporters; one supposedly leading to the Scorpion Sanctum and the other leading to the Golden Sanctum. Before choosing which unknown conduit to take, the party rested for the night.

February 11: Morning

Having recovered their energy, the party chose the left teleporter.

They appeared in a dim-lit corridor, illuminated by blinking blue lights. At the end of the walkway was white radiation. Somewhere, powerful numenera hummed, its song heard by Tranavaros, Orren, and the Inquisitor.

Part Two, Act V
Shadows Lie

February 10: Morning

After speaking with Heston Lambert and receiving 500 shins each to keep quiet about their involvement with the fall of Raoul Dufort; En’ir, Aegan, Jinx, Theron, and Tranavaros visited Charmonde’s Bronze Square.

The party sold the legendary armour of General Naos to twins Ellaia and Tenera, owners of the Ironmaiden blacksmith. As they prepared to leave, the sisters’ eyes were clouded with a black haze, their minds frozen as a dark figure entered the shop.

Shadows surrounded the party, trapping them with the figure in a black realm. Tranavaros recognised the shadowcaster as the notorious Inquisitor — the Order of Truth’s greatest assassin and hunter of renegades.

Meanwhile, Maxxos and Ay’lin arrived back at the Ecclesia of Charmonde to debrief Dean Ennon on the events at Falkerstone. Maxxos delivered Felice’s letter to the dean, before the priest directed them to Orren in the library.

Orren explained that he succeeded in decoding Amara’s command matrix, and activated a holographic recording of the deceased magistrix.

Amara’s hologram commended them, for the only way they could have obtained the matrix was from her cold, dead hands — which they somehow accomplished. The magistrix went on to explain her motives behind creating the Merkadians.

For decades, Amara lived in exile in the Dark Hills after leaving the Convergence. She felt the ‘others’ were losing their minds — their hunger for power overcoming reason. In a bid to stop a plan involving the star, Bilu-sha-ziri, Amara tried to create a Merkadian army large enough to storm the Convergence sanctums. Although Amara admitted her methods were extreme and would be seen as evil, they were necessary. Though her death meant her plan ultimately failed, she hoped the party would find a successful alternative or they would be joining her soon enough.

A stream of numbers appeared through the hologram before the command matrix ran out of energy and the image dispersed. Orren revealed the numbers to be coordinates to the Empty Sanctum; a place he visited often as a magister. The acolyte believed the command matrix contained enough power to teleport them to the coordinates.

Mother Hiana entered the room, interrupting their conversation.

Dean Ennon and an escort of Aeon Guardians followed behind the archpriest, as she informed Maxxos and Ay’lin that they’ve received reports of missing priests and acolytes from ecclesiae all over Navarene. The Convergence were making their move.

Back at the Ironmaiden, Aegan and Tranavaros were on the verge of death, while En’ir, Theron, and Jinx struggled against the Inquisitor. In order to save the others, Theron took Aegan’s teleporter ring she acquired from the thief’s cave back at Fasten, and activated it.

The party crashed through the library table inside the Ecclesia of Charmonde. Maxxos, Ay’lin and Dean Ennon stared at the intruders, recognising them immediately.

Part Two, Act IV Continued
Burning Down the House

February 8: Afternoon

En’ir, Aegan, Tranavaros, and Theron worked on an approach into the LaRoft Residence while Jinx used a grappling hook to climb up the back of the house and sneak into a second-storey window.

Before En’ir and Theron charged through the door, Tranavaros revealed the door to be unlocked and creaked it open. The party entered the house where they were confronted by lycanthropes Amaury, Ferrant, Gy, and Nadiya of the Brotherhood of Charmonde. Their patron, Raoul Dufort, was expected to arrive shortly.

Believing the party was sent by the ecclesia to destroy them, the lycanthropes transformed. Jinx attacked the lycans from behind, initiating the fight.

Fire spread throughout the house as Tranavaros’s fire onslaughts missed their mark against the beasts, surrounding the party in an inferno.

After killing the brotherhood, En’ir, Aegan, Theron, and Tranavaros escaped the house. Jinx remained to retrieve his grappling hook, but fell through burning stairs. Theron rushed inside to help the jack when the roof burning roof collapsed.


In Falkerstone, Maxxos and Ay’lin trekked through dark caverns towards the sound of groaning. On the path they encountered a fatally injured acolyte who introduced herself as Felice Duval.

Covered in lacerations and bleeding, Felice warned them of ‘the beast’ and pleaded that they save the other acolytes and Brother Blaise. She gave Maxxos a letter, asking the captain to deliver it to Dean Ennon.

Despite Ay’lin’s first aid, Felice died.

The pair continued deeper into the cave, stumbling upon an ancient chamber gleaming with numenera.

At the centre of the cavern, two figures wearing magister robes stood over the restrained Brother Blaise and his acolytes, preparing to transport them to someone called Quaran. The female, named Orianne, noticed Maxxos and screamed to alert the Convergence guards.

Maxxos and Ay’lin defeated the guards, only to be confronted by a feral — a human-queb hybrid. The pair killed the ferocious warrior and looted a serum from his corpse. Meanwhile, Orianne and her partner, Tatianus, activated a strange handheld artefact, teleporting them and their captives to an unknown location.

Elsewhere, in Charmonde, Theron and Jinx survived and climbed out of the burning rubble. Aegan, En’ir, and Tranavaros noticed a figure approaching, revealed to be Lord Raoul Dufort.

The noble deduced the party was sent by Heston Lambert. Nonchalant, Raoul informed them that once Heston was done using them, he would betray them. The noble offered to help the party avoid that scenario, assuming they aided him in his political struggle against Heston.

The party declined Raoul’s offer, prompting the noble to transform into an alpha lycan.

After a grave battle, the party killed Raoul Dufort. They left the body to be found by the city constables, who would alert the ecclesia of lycanthropy in the Dufort family — singlehandedly destroying their reputation as pureblood nobility. Heston, the remaining lord candidate for the royal succession, would be assured the crown following the death of Queen Armalu.

After completing their mission, the party returned to the Lambert estate to talk with Heston.

Part Two, Act IV
No Good Deed

February 5: Afternoon

Maxxos spoke with High General Gerard in Fort Miserth, a politically cunning man resembling a weasel. As Maxxos informed the high general of his mission to decode Amara’s command matrix, Gerard mocked Maxxos’s commanding officer, General Bion, as a man inventing stories and fake missions to excuse his catastrophic losses at Shallamas. Outside the high general’s office, Ay’lin spoke to Sir Umain, knight-consul of the Angulan Knights.

After buying supplies from the quartermaster, Maxxos and Ay’lin hired a boat to Falkerstone, surprised to see the boatman was the same old beggar they previously met at the Wayward Inn.

February 8: Afternoon

Aegan and Jinx arrived in Charmonde where they met En’ir, Tranavaros and Theron. The pair described their own encounter with Me’gan on their way to the city — who was reportedly still vexed at Theron — and Aegan revealed her new pet shanu, which En’ir suggested she name Mushu. Tranavaros brought the pair up to speed before observing Lord Heston’s men watching them.

The party headed to the Golden Chalice where Tranavaros and En’ir intimidated Raoul Dufort’s mistress, Aina Fay, into divulging what she knew of Dufort’s secretive life. Aina revealed the noble was a patron of a small brotherhood, devoted to the heretic Gaian religion, which was headquartered at the East End’s LaRoft Residence in the Southern District. Before leaving, Tranavaros erased the last ten minutes of Aina’s memories.

On a rocky river bank, Maxxos and Ay’lin stood at the mouth of the Falkerstone cave.

Part Two, Act III Continued

February 1: Morning

In Fasten, Maxxos, Ay’lin, and Me’gan split up to buy supplies and sell items. Upon returning to their aneen mounts, Maxxos and Ay’lin discovered Me’gan missing along with Maxxos’s aneen and possessions. The pair shared their remaining aneen and moved on to the capital.

On the Vagabond Road, En’ir, Theron and Tranavaros continued their own journey to Charmonde while Jinx and Aegan searched the plains for a new pet. An old beggar on the road approached En’ir, asking for some spare shins. After rejecting the man, En’ir and the others were surprised to see he now possessed En’ir’s chronometer. Before they could act, the mysterious man vanished in a flash of light.

February 2: Morning

After awakening in his tent and hearing a mount riding away, Theron noticed his shins missing and raced outside to see Me’gan on Maxxos’s aneen heading to Charmonde. Theron and the rest of the party chased after the unknown woman, then awkwardly rushed to help her against an ambushing frilled baul.

In the ensuing conflict, Tranavaros ignited a fire, creating a distraction for the baul and leaving it vulnerable to attack. After slaying the beast, Theron settled his score with Me’gan — taking her stolen aneen and leaving her in the middle of the plains. Meanwhile the fire blazed out of control, burning acres of land in the party’s wake.

Ay’lin and Maxxos took note of the smoke in the distance, wondering its source and what carnage the inferno would bring to Fasten.

February 5: Morning

En’ir, Theron and Tranavaros arrived at Charmonde, the immaculate capital of Navarene. The party noticed the city lacked walls, but were cornered by enormous fortified towers. At the city’s Southern District entrance, the party stopped at the Wayward Inn where they met Maxxos and Ay’lin for the second time. Among the crowd of drunkards was the old beggar from the Vagabond Road, who rewarded Maxxos’s kindness with a chronometer he obtained from a ‘friend’. Both parties then left the inn, having business at the Ecclesia of Charmonde.

At the ecclesia, they met with Dean Ennon, the Aeon Priest in charge of the ecclesia’s day-to-day operations. Tranavaros was guided to the library for his private studies, while Maxxos and Ay’lin were directed to Orren, an acolyte of the Order of Truth and former member of the Convergence.

Maxxos found Orren with his pet shanu in the ecclesia gardens, where the young man was asked to decipher the command matrix previously possessed by Amara, creator of the Merkadian soldiers. Orren informed the captain he could not help, as the ecclesia’s archpriest, Mother Hiana, restricted him from studying any numenera connected to the Convergence, in the fear his transference to the Truth may be false.

Dean Ennon offered his assistance in the matter: he would oversee Orren’s work on the matrix and reassure Mother Hiana of Orren’s trustworthiness in exchange for the captain’s aid in investigating the disappearance of an ecclesia priest and three acolytes. Brother Blaise and his acolytes were last seen in an ancient cave called Falkerstone, off the Jerribost River, where they’ve been missing for days despite searches led by Aeon Guardians. Maxxos and Ay’lin agreed to find the missing priests, and left to Fort Miserth (one of the city’s fortified towers) to resupply for the trip.

Meanwhile, Theron and Tranavaros finished their business with Dean Ennon and headed to the Silver Market with En’ir to look for a metalworker capable of teaching him the craft. They were stopped in the middle of the street by Captain Gavin and Lord Heston Lambert’s men and escorted to the noble’s mansion.

Lord Heston made his acquaintance with the men, aware of their part in helping his daughter, Clara, flee the country with her lover Tymon. He threatened to report their actions to the Navarene constables — only with a far more dark and convoluted spin to the story — that would lead to their execution. The only way the noble would allow the three to leave unharmed was if they sided with him against his rival, Raoul Dufort, in a political skirmish to determine Queen Armalu’s successor as ruler of Navarene. All they’d have to do is force the right information out of Dufort’s mistress, Aina Fay, to unveil Dufort’s well kept secret and shatter his reputation — and any chance of his succession.

The three reluctantly agree to aid Heston.

Part Two, Act III
Eyes on the Goods

January 26: Morning

After traveling northwest of Fasten, En’ir, Aegan, Tranavaros, Theron, and Jinx arrived at the entrance of the thief’s secret cavern. En’ir played the music box looted from Fillan, the tune setting hidden mechanisms in motion, moving the boulder that blocked a staircase leading down into darkness.

Jinx led the way down. En’ir activated his major glowglobe to illuminate the area with a dim light. As they descended, the light revealed a rounded cavern with steps following the curved wall downward. When the party reached the bottom, they were disappointed to see no mountains of shins or artefacts, but a single locked chest laid on a podium of rock.

Expecting the chest to be booby trapped, the party cautiously attempted to open it. After Jinx’s lockpick snapped while picking the lock, Tranavaros utilised his esotery to open it. Inside was a pile of shins, cyphers, and an artefact wrapped in old fabric. Still aware there may be a trap, Jinx took a single shin from the chest.

Twelve crimson lasers appeared across Jinx’s body.

Tranavaros clapped and lit up the cave with a flash. Flying sentries flew around them, pointing their laser sights on anyone who took hold of a shin or tried to leave. Realising the gazers weren’t going to let them escape, the party attacked the hovering spheres.

Tranavaros and Theron felt the sting of the gazer’s red beams, the latter suffering an eye injury in the confrontation. However, the party managed to destroy the gazers and take the chest’s goods, including a teleporter ring taken by Aegan, and a mysterious ceramic snake claimed by Theron.

Tranavaros recommended Theron take the cypher to the ecclesia in Charmonde, where it could be inspected properly.

After collecting the goods and acquiring something to eat for En’ir during his lycan transformation, the party continued on their way to Charmonde.

February 1: Morning

Maxxos, Ay’lin, and Me’gan arrived at Fasten.

Part Two, Act II Continued
Hide and Seek

January 23: Afternoon

Theron led the way into the gleaming blue passageway, followed by Tranavaros and the others. Pink slime covered the radiating walls and floor. In the distance, the sound of slurping could be heard.

The passage opened into a grand chamber with the sarcophagus of General Naos resting at its centre. Skeletons sucked dry of flesh and blood littered the room, covered in a layer of eggs and slime. Theron approached the sarcophagus before being thrown to the ground by an invisible force, revealed to be an ellnoica.

The party battled the creature, which used its body composition and phasing abilities to trap the steel-skinned Theron within itself. The ellnoica fought viciously against the rest of the party but eventually succumbed to the flames of Tranavaros.

Theron and En’ir smashed into the ancient numenera device that kept General Naos’s body preserved, looting the corpse of all its possessions. En’ir claimed the general’s legendary sword, while Theron and Jinx dismembered the corpse to remove the general’s plate armour. Having acquired what they were looking for, the party left the fortress — only to run into a Seeker of Truth and her entourage of Aeon Guardians.

In the eastern plains, Ay’lin attempted to gain Tren’s trust. She used her first aid kit to properly treat the burns that plagued his hands, hoping the boy would warm up to her. Instead, Ay’lin fell into a haze, seeing the boy grin as she and Maxxos drifted into unconsciousness.

When the pair awoke, they saw only darkness. Wrapped inside cocoons, Ay’lin and Maxxos could only listen as Tren prepared to ‘marinate’ them. He was interrupted, however, when bandits stormed the camp, causing the boy to flee. Ay’lin and Maxxos were freed by the bandit leader, a woman they recognised from the night before.

Introducing herself as Me’gan, the woman revealed she and her comrades had been hunting a Nibovian after it tricked and killed her friend on the road while disguised as a helpless child. They had tracked the being to a farmhouse, but were too late to save the inhabitants. Me’gan burned down the farm, hoping Tren would get caught in flames. He escaped, however, and saw Maxxos and Ay’lin as the perfect protectors. The Nibovian used mind-altering chemicals to manipulate them while he secretly planned to have them kill his pursuers and then cocoon them both for a process that would turn their bodies into incubators for his Nibovian siblings.

Maxxos and Ay’lin joined Me’gan’s pursuit for Tren, who they found tearing apart one of the bandits that followed him into the fields. The trio fought against the being’s uncanny speed and strength. Me’gan downed the Nibovian with a cross bolt to the head, killing the creature. The bandit claimed the creature’s organs — animated cyphers and other numenera devices — which she would sell in Fasten.

Ay’lin offered Me’gan shins and a ride to Fasten as payment for saving their lives. The bandit accepted, though admitted she was planning to steal their shins regardless of them being offered or not. Despite the admittance, the pair allowed the bandit to join their company, feeling honour-bound to the debt they now owed her.

At Wyrguard, a Seeker named Tiresia held Asher, Fillan, and Murdo captive at the foot of the fort’s entrance steps. Tranavaros guessed his fellow Seeker was there to recover the Naos Blade for the Order of Truth — an artefact now in En’ir’s possession. With nowhere else to go, the group descended the steps and met with the Seeker, who immediately identified the artefact. After failing to deceive Tiresia, the Seeker ordered her Aeon Guardians to kill them and retrieve the blade. Asher, Fillan, and Murdo were killed without hesitation, freeing the guardians to assault the rest of the party.

After a long battle, Tiresia and her guardians were defeated — their minds shattered into oblivion by the power of Tranavaros. Jinx and En’ir survived, though not without serious injury.

The party divided the items of their fallen comrades among themselves, discovering journals on Fillan and Murdo that revealed the brothers were sons of an infamous thief, who had kept his treasures in a hidden cave that could only be opened by the music box Asher bought for them back in Fasten.

Tranavaros cremated the bodies of Asher, Fillan, and Murdo before the party set off northwest of Fasten, to the secret cave the brothers had described in their journals.

Part Two, Act II
I'm Jasper

January 21: Night

Under the light of the full moon, En’ir transformed into a lycan beast. Full of rage, the beast attacked Tranavaros while Aegan and the rest of the party attempted to calm him. Jinx intervened, successfully binding the creature with rope. After calming down, En’ir shifted back to his human form, leaving him confused and hungry. Unnerved, the party made preparations for the rest of the journey to Fort Wyrguard.

In the eastern plains off the High Road, Maxxos and Ay’lin searched for Tren’s friend, Bobo, only to discover Bobo to be a stuffed seskii toy. In the distance, the bandits responsible for burning the farmlands were spotted by Maxxos, who attempted to make a stealthy escape back to camp — only to be seen by the bandits after his glowglobe exploded by accident.

The bandit leader — a crossbow-wielding woman of fair appearance — led an assault against Maxxos and Ay’lin. After a brief skirmish, the pair intimidated their assailants into a retreat, spurred on by the captain’s fatal sword thrust through the skull of one of his attackers. In shock, Tren kept his hand gripped to Maxxos, choosing not to let go of his protector. The three of them returned back to camp, believing the worst to be over.

January 23: Afternoon

After days of demanding constant attention from Tren, Maxxos’s health started to dwindle before Ay’lin’s eyes. Sleep deprived and reaching the limits of exhaustion, the captain continued pace, turning down Ay’lin’s offers to watch Tren while he rested. The boy refused to leave his hero’s side, yet after some insistence from Ay’lin, the three eventually stopped to break on the side of the road.

South of Fasten, Aegan, En’ir and co arrived at the base of Wyrguard, their objective: to find the hidden tomb of General Naos and retrieve the legendary Naos Blade. During the climb up the fort’s treacherous steps, Asher fell and injured himself, prompting Fillan and Murdo to remain with the jack while he recovered at the base of the hill. When the rest of the party arrived at the top of the steps, they discovered the fort’s entrance to be sealed shut, cuing Jinx to grapple hook a fifty foot rope to the stronghold’s second level and scale the structure.

En’ir followed him up the rope and the two waited as Tranavaros began the climb to join them. The priest’s fiery esotery ignited without warning, burning the rope and leaving him and the others stranded on the ground while En’ir and Jinx observed from above.

The entrance to the fortress suddenly opened, revealing a group of bandits and a tamed seskii. Tranavaros led his companions, Theron and Aegan, in a skirmish against the outlaws, resulting in the death of the thieves. Theron’s brutal killing of the seskii earned the animosity of the beastmaster Aegan, who was still mourning for Sven. The three then entered the fortress while En’ir and Jinx moved swiftly through the second floor.

As both teams navigated the passageways, they encountered and dispatched several bandits all under the leadership of a woman named Ytaya. Upon interrogating one of the marauders, Tranavaros learned of Ytaya’s plans to find Naos’s secret tomb and retrieve the general’s blade from the undercroft. Meanwhile, Jinx and En’ir made their way to the ground floor in order to meet up with the others.

The two groups rendezvoused and headed to the undercroft, where they encountered a bandit, Jasper, keeping watch at the entrance. Jinx dispatched him quickly and disguised himself as the bandit before entering the undercroft, where he encountered Ytaya and three of her underlings. Jinx was easily recognised as an imposter, igniting the final skirmish between the party and Ytaya’s band.

Amid the fighting Theron unbandaged his arm, revealing a serpentine limb, and his identity as a mutant.

Despite Ytaya’s ruthless combat ability and skills with a lightning whip, she was defeated — taking a fatal shot through the eye socket from Aegan’s crossbow. After killing the last of the bandits, the group turned their focus to finding Naos’s tomb.

Using his senses and knowledge of the numenera, Tranavaros found the secret opening into the general’s tomb, opening a passageway that gleamed with blue light.

Part Two, Act I Continued
Journey South

January 19: Morning

En’ir, Jinx, and Clara entered Fasten’s town hall, bypassing the mayor’s watchmen. Down in the cellar’s holding cells, two jailors stood guard. Clara recognised Tymon and with the help of Jinx convinced one of the jailors to release him as their ward. The lovers’ reunion was cut short, however, when the party encountered Captain Gavin and his men outside of the hall. With clever deception, they escaped persecution and returned to the Spotted Seskii.

Clara and Tymon gave thanks and bid farewell to the party, announcing they were headed south to Thaemor.

In the Spotted Seskii, the stranger named Theron agreed to join Tranavaros and the others after the Aeon Priest offered to help the man find a cure for the ‘affliction’ that plagued his bandaged arm. Theron only had one condition for his company: no one converse with him. Tranavaros accepted, though assured him they would talk when he was ready.

In the corner of the inn, Tarlin, the mayor’s daughter, was overheard by En’ir telling a crowd of drunkards that explorers had vanished at the ancient fortress of Wyrguard. One fat, bald patron rebutted her story, claiming the fortress was abandoned and looted of everything worth stealing. Tarlin disagreed, stating she visited the old fort a few nights past when it was crawling with bandits looking for the Sword of Naos, the legendary general whose tomb was said to be hidden in Wyrguard.

En’ir intercepted the heated discussion, ending with the fat patron’s face on the floor. Tarlin introduced herself and explained where the party could find the fortress, if they were interested. They would have to go south, via a road so old its name had been forgotten.

Before the party left to Wyrguard, they returned to Cali at her cart to buy an extra tent. In the distance, Asher noticed two men lurking. Cali divulged the pair had been hanging around often, usually eyeing an old music box she kept in her inventory. Asher approached the men, who introduced themselves as brothers Fillan and Murdo; explorers searching for a music box heirloom of theirs that had been stolen. They believed the music box in Cali’s cart was theirs, but could not pay for it. Asher helped the brothers purchase the item, and in appreciation the brothers joined the party for their journey south.

On the High Road, Maxxos and Ay’lin spoke of their pasts while spotting a large bloom of smoke in the distant farmlands.

January 21: Afternoon

Maxxos and Ay’lin discovered a small boy on the road, covered in soot and crying. The captain placed him on his aneen and continued on their way to Fasten.

January 21: Night

Ay’lin cheered up the boy, who finally spoke and introduced himself as Tren. The five-year-old recounted the death of his parents, who were killed in a farm fire lit by bandits two nights prior. His hands were still cracked and blistered from his attempt to drag his mother free of the flames, before he watched her burn. The boy was able to escape with his friend, Bobo, but lost him in the fields and feared the bandits would find him if he wasn’t rescued. Maxxos and Ay’lin agreed to find him and set off into the night with Tren.

On the old road to Fort Wyrguard, En’ir, Aegan, and the others set up camp. The moon shone bright above them, and En’ir felt a burning pulse through his body.


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