Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Part Two, Act I
Bounties and Mounties


January 18

After weeks of endless travelling with no rations, En’ir, Aegan and co arrived at the town of Fasten, weak and hungry. They were confronted by guards wearing the colours of Charmonde emblazoned with the insignia of Lord Heston. Upon inspection, the guards discovered Asher’s poison and paralysis potions and confiscated them after his failed attempt to persuade them. The captain of the guard, Gavin, recognised Clara and immediately seized her, claiming her lord father was ‘concerned’ for her safety after her husband reported her missing from Bodrov.

The captain revealed he and his men followed Clara’s lover, Tymon, from Charmonde to Fasten, suspecting he was leaving to meet Clara. An assumption that proved to be correct. After confirming Fasten to be the rendezvous point, the guards locked Tymon in a prison cell beneath the town hall.

As Captain Gavin prepared to escort Clara back to her father in Charmonde, Jinx deceived the guard into believing he and the cohort were sent by Clara’s husband to track her down. Convinced, Gavin recommended they escort the lady on to Charmonde so that her father could arrange her transport back to Bodrov. To assist in their task, the captain gave them an official letter of authority so that they could move smoothly through the capital.

After accepting the letter, the party continued on into Fasten with Clara once again under their protection. They first entered the general store, buying enough supplies to last them the trip to Charmonde. Next they met Cali and her green seskii, Bud, at her trinket cart. After selling their oddities and gaining some shins, the group moved on to the Loose Leaf where they met Sister Twia, a healer formerly of the Order of Truth. She offered Tranavaros and Asher her famous herbal tea before they entered the Spotted Seskii for a meal.

Meanwhile, Aegan left Fasten to search the plains for a new beast to tame.

In Shallamas, a parade was held in honour of the Saviours of Shallamas: Ay’lin and Maxxos. Later, General Bion briefed them both on their new mission. Certain elements in the command matrix they found in Amara’s chamber could only be decoded by a Convergent. He explained in Charmonde was an Aeon Priest by the name of Orren, who was once of the Convergent order. Orren would be capable of deciphering the rest of the matrix, if it were brought to him.

Ay’lin and Maxxos bought aneen mounts and started for Charmonde with the command matrix in their possession.

In the Spotted Seskii, Jinx and the others eyed a female bounty hunter named Verenus. Jinx eavesdropped on her conversation with the barmaid, Bakele, discovering her bounty to be Sister Twia.

Upon questioning Verenus, the bounty hunter revealed Sister Twia was a longtime renegade from the city of Dynafel in Iscobal, where she was responsible for the deaths of seven Aeon Priests and the destruction of the ecclesia in Dynafel. No citizen of the town had yet divulged the sister’s location. When asked if Jinx knew of Twia’s whereabouts, Jinx attempted to lie and claim he knew of no old woman by that name. The bounty hunter saw through his deception and intimidated him into revealing all he knew. She then set off to collect her bounty on Twia.

En’ir, Jinx, Asher, and Tranavaros agreed that whatever Sister Twia had done in the past, she was now a healer and making amends for her mistakes. The group left to stop Verenus, initiating a fight inside the Loose Leaf.

Although a formidable warrior, Verenus succumbed to the combined might of the jacks, glaive, and nano, aided by Sister Twia and her powerful esoteries.

After collecting their rewards from Twia, the group hired beds in the Loose Leaf for the night.

January 19: morning

The following day, Aegan returned to Fasten with a tamed caffa. Tranavaros and the others entered the Spotted Seskii for breakfast, unbeknownst of the drunken skirmish inside.

En’ir, Clara, and Tranavaros sat at the only quiet table in the corner, where they met an ominous glaive with a bandaged arm. Curious of the man, Tranavaros sparked conversation while En’ir offered the stranger a drink. Jinx joined the table after completing his morning training. While Tranavaros continued his conversation with the stranger, Jinx noticed Clara’s anxiety regarding Tymon’s incarceration. He and En’ir left with her to visit the man in jail.

Elsewhere, on the eastern plains, Maxxos and Ay’lin were attacked on the High Road by a frilled baul, which they slain.

Part One, Act IV
Getting to Know Thy Enemies

January 3

In the eastern plains, En’ir, Aegan, and co came upon a group of bandits brutalising a young woman. The gang intervened, saving her life and killing the men threatening her. After reassuring the woman of their good intent, she introduced herself as Clara.

Clara and her companion were travelling from Shallamas to Fasten, journeying via the treacherous Vagabond Road. Her companion died protecting her from ithsyns (unbeknownst to her, her companion’s compass and shins were looted from the ithsyn nest by En’ir). The gang agreed to help Clara reach Fasten; a deed she insisted would be ‘worth their while’.

As the gang continued their trek, Asher suddenly fell through the earth and discovered a hidden tunnel riddled with steel spiders. The others climbed down into the darkness to aid their comrade, slaying the creatures and following the passageway into an abandoned castle. After an encounter with some looting grush, the gang returned to the road.

January 10

At the Dark Hills, General Bion led a force of a hundred soldiers: mostly city guards, mercenaries, and Ausparian scouts, with Captain Maxxos and Ay’lin accompanying the cohort. The main ranks clashed against the Merkadian guards surrounding the hidden passage inside the Dark Hills, while Bion, Maxxos, and Ay’lin took a second force into the caverns.

Deep into the heart of the Dark Hills they found a chamber riddled with numenera devices, as well as the mastermind of the Merkadian onslaught — the arch-nano, Amara.

After being questioned by Bion, Amara admitted she wasn’t responsible for the initial deaths of the Naven and Draolin armies, but merely observed as the two forces butchered each other. Thinking the conflict to be a ‘waste of valuable resources’, Amara used her mastery of the numenera to resurrect both sides as Merkadians. To what end, she did not say, though she deeply believed it served a ‘great purpose’. Having heard enough, Bion initiated the attack on the arch-nano.

The battle was long and gruelling, though teamwork prevailed and saw Amara defeated. Ay’lin fired the fatal shot, shooting the nano’s head clean off her shoulders and into a wall, ending the Merkadian Crisis.

While investigating the chamber, Maxxos discovered several interesting devices, including a command matrix. If brought to the right person, the matrix would reveal what ‘purpose’ Amara was referring to, and may be the key to controlling the renegade Merkadians.

Part One, Act III
Siege of Shallamas


January 2: night

Captain Maxxos and Ay’lin led the Naven vanguard against the Merkadian threat, cutting a path through their ranks until they found their commander, the fierce Merkadian Dominator.

The brutal leader appeared invulnerable, clad in numenera devices and hard steel, impervious to crossbow bolts. Through clever tactics and cypher knowledge, Maxxos shattered the Dominator’s armour and left him vulnerable to sword and bolt. The pair brought the warrior to his knees, with Ay’lin firing the final shot. Maxxos decapitated the fallen Dominator and Ay’lin looted the corpse, discovering a communicator that transmitted command prompts to the remaining Merkadians, revealing the coordinates of their master.

With this knowledge, the two reported to General Bion, who informed them that Bodrov was similarly attacked by Merkadians and not in the position to send them reinforcements for a campaign into the Dark Hills. They must wait for foreign aid from Thaemor before they can make their next move.

The following morning, in the eastern plains, Aegan and En’ir stood and watched in silence as Tranavaros cremated the body of Sven. The group moved on, continuing their journey to Fasten and coming upon a nest of ithsyns. The creatures were destroyed, though Jinx was able to tame one for a pet.

And so the adventure continues.

Part One, Act II
The Dog Days Are Over


January 2: day

After returning to Shallamas and meeting up with their companion, Jinx, En’ir, Aegan, and co spoke to Yogo the Merchant. Pleased with their recovery of his lost items, Yogo awarded them with shins and allowed them to be on their way.

Captain Maxxos Raven and Ay’lin reported to General Bion of the Navarene Army about the Merkadian Soldiers invasion. Ay’lin was awarded the title of Auxiliary and given permission to leave to regroup. Ay’lin and Maxxos journeyed to the Golden Knave Inn, where they encountered Aegan and her seskii, Sven.

Neither group were able to enjoy a long reprieve, however, as Shallamas fell under alert and shut its three gates against a Merkadian assault led by a single figure of unknown importance.

Captain Maxxos and Ay’lin met the Merkadian horde with a squad of soldiers at their back. Asher took to the eastern port gate, assaulting a city guard before leading En’ir, Aegan, Tranavaros, and Jinx on a road to Fasten. In their travels across the fields, the group were attacked by a trio of fierce chirogs. Though the beasts were slain, it was not without a price — Sven perished.

Shallamas, the City of Echoes, remained under siege, defended by a skeleton garrison and on the verge of destruction.

Part One, Act I
Getting to Know Thy Friends

January 1

The characters begin at Shallamas, City of Echoes, in Navarene. The citizens of the city are anxious, with tensions between Navarene and Draolis coming to a boil. A border conflict looks inevitable. Both sides have sent soldiers to the Dark Hills to establish a foothold at the border, though neither campaign has been successful – the legions have gone missing.

En’ir Nashaki and his sister Aegan, small-time treasure hunters, are currently in town helping a merchant, Yogo, retrieve a long-overdue caravan carrying valuable goods. On their travels north through the plains of Navarene, En’ir and Aegan are ambushed by bandits — the same ones responsible for the caravan’s disappearance. With the two of them severely outnumbered, they prepare themselves for their last fight, but are aided by Asher, a jack, and Tranavaros Syr, an Aeon Priest and nano.

After a gruelling skirmish, the band is victorious against the would-be raiders and set to return to Shallamas.

In the Dark Hills, Captain Maxxos Raven of the Navarene army and rogue jack Ay’lin have banded together after surviving a monstrous onslaught and struggle to send word to Navarene of a threat greater than any rival kingdom.


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