Tag: Ghanin


  • En'ir Nashaki

    Born in the City of Bridges to Faron and Lina, En'ir was raised alongside his sister, [[:aegan | Aegan]], mainly by his mother as his father worked in the shipyards. His family wasn't poor, but neither were they rich, thus leaving their father to work as …

  • Aegan Nashaki

    Aegan was born into a small family in the City of Bridges. Her father, Faron, worked long and hard hours to help sustain his household. Lina, his wife, stayed at home to look after En’ir and Aegan. Throughout her childhood, Aegan spent a lot of her time …

  • Me'gan Vix

    Me'gan was born in the Sea Kingdom of Ghan. Though she has yet to reveal in detail why she travelled to Navarene, it can be assumed the wealth and prosperity of the land appealed to her.

    Shadows of the Past

    Me'gan was first encountered in Act …