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  • Aftermath Act VI

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    October 7: Morning

    The party journeyed to the western edge of the Black Riage, a mountain range of menacing black crags that overshadowed the land from the east of the …

  • Rask

    Rask was born a slave in Uxphon. During his childhood he was bought by an arena master who saw his potential as a gladiator. He was trained to wield two swords and became a famed warrior of the arena, winning over 20 battles and earning the title of …

  • Myanna

    Myanna was born a slave in Uxphon. Little is known about her parents, except that she loved her mother dearly.

    Shadows of the Past: Aftermath

    Myanna was bought at a slave auction in Uxphon by Aegan to save her from a beady-eyed nobleman. She …