En’ir sat down by the campfire, fully armoured save for the helmet that he placed beside him. Most of the others had retired to their tents, but Tranavaros still sat outside. En’ir nodded at the priest, who responded in much the same way. A few minutes passed in relative silence until the Aeon Priest spoke.

“A long way from the City of Bridges, isn’t it?” His tone was respectful as always. En’ir glanced across and gave a half smile.

“True,” he said, “but we’re no closer to the Amber Monolith, either.”

He thought he heard a chuckle from the Seeker, but didn’t pay it much attention. Instead, he carried on talking.

“My sister, Aegan, and I left the city a while ago.” He paused for a moment as if to organise his thoughts. “Our parents died and so we had no reason to stay.”

“I am sorry to hear that.” Tranavaros said, but En’ir shrugged it off. The warrior’s head lowered slightly as he released a breath.

“I wasn’t even there with Aegan when our father passed, nor when our mother became ill. I imagine she had it worse than I did.” His tone held a hint of guilt at having been too caught up in his work and training.

He sat for a moment more, not saying a word, before rising and picking up his helmet. “I think I’ll get some rest. Good night, Tran.” He said, before departing, leaving the priest alone by the fire.


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