The Gaian people originate in the far north of the Beyond, in a region Lostrei (the Spiritlands).

Gaians were once rarely seen by the inhabitants of the Steadfast, and were mostly encountered north in the Beyond around the Cloudcrystal Skyfields — a place most sacred to them.

Not much was known about the people or their culture at first, and much is still unknown even now. This narrow understanding of the Gaians has made it easy for the Amber Pope to create fear and hatred in the people of the Steadfast, manipulating the Nine Rival Kings to unite their forces in a crusade against them.

In truth, the Gaians do not seek war. They act to protect the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, which is harvested of its crystals by the Aeon Priests for their own ends. The Urgevek, tribal leader of Shamalia and war-master among the Gaians, leads his elite Parahni warriors against the Aeon Guardians and the Steadfast armies.


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