“En’ir, do you think we’d ever return to Kaparin? I mean it’s not like I want to go back… Just that, well, I don’t really know who my parents were. I was found by Captain Madrox as I told you but I really want to find out who it was that left me there. This is all they left me with, and I’ll treasure it forever.”

Jinx pulls out a dog tag like chain with the words ‘Jarm Korlu’ inscribed into it.

“I always thought of it as my only link to them. But maybe I can find someone there who recognises it or something. I don’t know, it’s stupid. Ha, just look at me I can’t talk to anyone about my past but I’ll talk to a beast that’s taken over my friend’s body. You know En’ir, I’ll follow you wherever. I’ll always have your back no matter what people think of me, I’ll always be there for you. You helped me be strong, and for that I’ll be as loyal as a Seskii. And friend, if you remember any of this, make it this one part. I did some terrible things back in Kaparin, I gambled away Madrox’s ship, ‘The Flying Rapier’ he’d called it. He was furious, I need to save up and get him a new ship En’ir and I don’t know how I’ll do it. But I just have to. That man raised me like I was his own and I ruined his life. I’ll always regret my actions when I was a boy but that’s why I needed you to help me. So please one day we need to return to Kaparin.”

Jinx gets up and turns away, his eyes welling up, before heading to his tent to rest.


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