In Shadows of the Past they became friends.

In Aftermath they became heroes.

Now, watch as they become legendary in a new adventure that sees a nation divide and the Order of Truth on the brink of destruction.

Queen Armalu of Navarene is dead. Chaos reigns in her place.

Tranavaros Syr and Theron arrive in Qi for an urgent summons by the Amber Pope, Durranet VI. The Order of Truth has uncovered a plot to bring war to Draolis and Navarene, threatening the stability of the entire Steadfast.

Doom descends on Shallamas. Maxxos Raven fights for his wife, Aylin, and their son in a civil war against King Heston.

To save the people of the Steadfast, the heroes must once again unite.

In this adventure, old enemies return; forgotten friends are remembered; and death comes for everyone.

Read the legend as it unfolds…


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