Shadows of the Past

The characters begin at Shallamas, City of Echoes, in Navarene. The citizens of the city are anxious, with tensions between Navarene and Draolis coming to a boil. A border conflict looks inevitable.

Both sides have sent soldiers to the Dark Hills to establish a foothold at the border, though neither campaign has been successful – the legions have gone missing.

En’ir Nashaki and his sister Aegan, small-time treasure hunters, are currently in town helping a merchant, Yogo retrieve a long-overdue caravan carrying valuable goods. On their travels north through the plains of Navarene, En’ir and Aegan are ambushed by bandits – the same ones responsible for the caravan’s disappearance. With the two of them severely outnumbered, they prepare themselves for their last fight, but are aided by Asher, a jack, and Tranavaros Syr, an Aeon Priest and nano.

After a gruelling skirmish, the band is victorious against the would-be raiders and set to return to Shallamas.

In the Dark Hills, Captain Maxxos Raven of the Navarene army and rogue jack Ay’lin have banded together after surviving a monstrous onslaught and struggle to send word to Navarene of a threat greater than any rival kingdom.

Shadows of the Past

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