Titles and Nobility

The Naven nobility is the highest social class in Navarene, directly under the royal family. Nobles are the privileged few, holding great respect and admiration among the denizens of Navarene. In exchange for the power and influence they wield, nobles are obligated to serve, counsel, and honour the monarchy. Most noble titles are hereditary and date back to the first kings of Navarene. Only the monarch can create or abolish a noble’s title.

The current titles of nobility in Navarene are:
• Duke*
• Marquis
• Count
• Viscount
• Lord*

The title of ‘Lord’ is the acceptable form of address for all noble titles other than duke and marquis, which are addressed as ‘Lord Marquis/Duke’.

*Duke and lord are titles also held by members of the royal family. A royal duke or duchess is typically a rank reserved for uncles and aunties of the current monarch. Royal lords are distant relatives of the monarch, often great-great grandchildren of the sovereign.

Titles and Nobility

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