Numenera: Shadows of the Past

Part Two, Act III

Eyes on the Goods

January 26: Morning

After traveling northwest of Fasten, En’ir, Aegan, Tranavaros, Theron, and Jinx arrived at the entrance of the thief’s secret cavern. En’ir played the music box looted from Fillan, the tune setting hidden mechanisms in motion, moving the boulder that blocked a staircase leading down into darkness.

Jinx led the way down. En’ir activated his major glowglobe to illuminate the area with a dim light. As they descended, the light revealed a rounded cavern with steps following the curved wall downward. When the party reached the bottom, they were disappointed to see no mountains of shins or artefacts, but a single locked chest laid on a podium of rock.

Expecting the chest to be booby trapped, the party cautiously attempted to open it. After Jinx’s lockpick snapped while picking the lock, Tranavaros utilised his esotery to open it. Inside was a pile of shins, cyphers, and an artefact wrapped in old fabric. Still aware there may be a trap, Jinx took a single shin from the chest.

Twelve crimson lasers appeared across Jinx’s body.

Tranavaros clapped and lit up the cave with a flash. Flying sentries flew around them, pointing their laser sights on anyone who took hold of a shin or tried to leave. Realising the gazers weren’t going to let them escape, the party attacked the hovering spheres.

Tranavaros and Theron felt the sting of the gazer’s red beams, the latter suffering an eye injury in the confrontation. However, the party managed to destroy the gazers and take the chest’s goods, including a teleporter ring taken by Aegan, and a mysterious ceramic snake claimed by Theron.

Tranavaros recommended Theron take the cypher to the ecclesia in Charmonde, where it could be inspected properly.

After collecting the goods and acquiring something to eat for En’ir during his lycan transformation, the party continued on their way to Charmonde.

February 1: Morning

Maxxos, Ay’lin, and Me’gan arrived at Fasten.


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