En'ir Nashaki

A tough Glaive who howls at the moon and performs feats of strength.



Tier: 5
Effort: 2
Exp: 0

Human Form

Might: 33
Edge: 4

Speed: 11
Edge: 2

Intellect: 11
Edge: 0

Armour: 3

Werewolf Form

Might: 44
Edge: 6

Speed: 17
Edge: 4

Intellect: 11
Edge: 0

Armour: 3


Climbing – S
Defense (M) – T
Carrying – T
Smashing – T
Jumping – T
Medium Bladed – S
Heavy Bladed – S
Defense (S) – T
Scythes – S

Special Abilities

Thrust (1 M)
Resilient (1 Armour)
Healthy (1 Recovery)
Practised in Armour
Practised with Weapons
No need for Weapons
Beast Form – Day 21 ~ 26
Danger Sense (+1 initiative)
Controlled Change
Feat of Strength
Throw (1 M)
Controlled Change
Greater Beast Form
Iron Fist (4 unarmed damage)
Chop (2 M)
Capable Warrior
Greater Controlled Change
Inverse Attrition
Enhanced Beast Form
Brute Strike (4 M)



Dimensional Trap

Artifacts & Oddities

Oddity: Rose made of nigh-indestructible glass

Artifact: Disruptive Sword
Level: 2
Form: An energy-entwined broadsword
Effect: This broadsword inflicts 1 additional point of damage from the disruptive energy projected around the blade. This energy cannot be turned on or off, and it eats through sheaths at a rate of about one a week.
Depletion: 1 in 1d20 (check once each week)

Artifact: Chronometer

Artifact: Mechanical Arm
Level: 4
Form: Mechanical arm grafted to a stump on a person’s body
Effect: The arm must be surgically and permanently attached (a task equal to the artifact level). The procedure takes about an hour in a skilled chiurgeon’s hands. Once the arm is attached, the user has complete control over the limb and uses it naturally. The arm grants an asset on any task involving carrying or lifting.


Leather Jerkin
Explorer’s Pack
– Rations (33 days)
– Spikes (2)
– Hammer
– Warm Clothes
– Sturdy Boots
– Torches (3)
Bed Roll
Major Glowglobe
Cyclops Helm (Aeon Priest)
Aeon Synth Breastplate
Music Box

Shins: 2695


Scythe (10 damage)
Naos Blade (Disruptive sword) (6 damage)


Born in the City of Bridges to Faron and Lina, En’ir was raised alongside his sister, Aegan, mainly by his mother as his father worked in the shipyards. His family wasn’t poor, but neither were they rich, thus leaving their father to work as many hours as he could to keep their financial situation stable. Growing up, En’ir and Aegan were almost inseperable. After his father’s health slowly began to deteriorate, En’ir decided it was time to take on some more responsibilities to help provide for his family. He took up combat practices and quickly grew in proficiency at fighting, often taking out small camps of bandits or thieves on the roads to the city.

After a few years, En’ir was on a mission from King Laird — ruler of the Sea Kingdom of Ghan — to investigate rumours of people going missing. While on the mission, a rift in the fabric of reality swallowed En’ir and ripped him from this dimension, hurling him into another. Once there, he realised that this must be where the people had been taken. He started searching the ruins that he’d found himself thrown into, searching room after room each filled with various scientific equipment and writings in a strange language unknown to him. Eventually he found what he was looking for — the missing people — and, though expected, he found his discovery somewhat disheartening; corpses piled in heaps, ripped to pieces and scattered around like a Seskii chew-toy.

Before he had a chance to search much more, he was set upon by a strange creature and, although he managed to hold out and make his way back to the rift, the creature had bitten him in the shoulder. He was once again thrown through space and time into another dimension — this time his own. He’d completed his task and escaped with his life. Hoping this was enough, En’ir made his way back to town, but didn’t get the entire way before the wound in his left shoulder took its toll and he collapsed in the middle of the road.

A few days later and he recovered, finding himself in the doctor’s house back in the City of Bridges. The venom, the doctor had explained, had been removed from his bloodstream and the holes in his shoulder would leave a permanent scar. He had been lucky to survive, both he and the doctor knew, but En’ir said nothing and paid the doctor his fee before reporting his findings to King Laird.

All manner of scientists were sent to the location but, according to heresay, the rift never reopened enough for anything to pass through from either side. Eventually the scientists and their bodyguards were dismissed and the site was simply declared a dangerous zone.

Returning home, En’ir found that his father had passed away, his mother had fallen terminally ill and Aegan, having nothing left to stay for, had made plans to leave the city. En’ir, realising that he, too, had nothing to stay for, gathered what few belongings were necessary and accompanied his sister.

After the group defeated the Convergence, En’ir and Aegan were approached by the Order of Truth and offered positions as Aeon Guardians, to which they both accepted.

They travelled to the Amber Monolith and were introduced to the man that would be their commanding officer briefly before training began.

En'ir Nashaki

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