Aeon Guardians

Aeon Guardians form the main body of the Order of Truth’s paramilitary. Unlike the other papal sectors, Aeon Guardians are not priests, but skilled glaives. While Aeon Priests are taught truth and the Seekers taught to find it, Aeon Guardians are trained to defend it with sword and shield — and die for it, if need be.

Amber Guard


Among the Aeon Guardians, none are more revered or formidable as those of the Amber Papal Guard. Loyal only to the Amber Pope, the guard are the most skilled and prestigious military force in the Order of Truth. Armoured in bronze plate powered by numenera, the Amber Guard are walking tanks with a fierce reputation on the battlefield. Their unnatural strength and resistance to fatigue has caused some to speculate whether or not they are even human.

Aeon Guardians

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