The Order of Truth’s hierarchy is divided into three circles, each representing an aspect of the order: the High Curia of Durkhal (the head), the Aeon Council (the body), and the synods (the foundation). Although not officially part of the circles, the Seekers of Truth and the Aeon Guardians are often regarded as the ‘eyes and hands’ of the order.

The High Curia of Durkhal is the supreme authority of the order, consisting of the oldest and wisest of the Aeon Priests (or richest and most influential, as the case may be) who serve as deputies to the Amber Pope. The laws of the order can only be created or abolished by the Curia, which has absolute power and authority over all matters concerning the Aeon Priests. Duties specific to the Curia include electing the Amber Pope, approving the bounties of renegade priests, and authorising the elevation of archpriests.

The Aeon Council is the circle in which all archpriests belong. The council’s purpose is to interpret the words of the Curia and to have its members represent the Amber Pope in their designated region. In this capacity, archpriests are both the body and voice of the order.

Beneath the Aeon Council are the synods, the individual assemblies that govern the ecclesiae (housed congregations of Aeon Priests and acolytes). Most towns and cities within the Steadfast have an ecclesia; each administrated by a synod of Aeon Priests numbering two to ten, lead by a dean. Ecclesiae that are based in major cities and capitals will have a synod of ten priests overseen by both a dean and an archpriest. There are no official ecclesiae in the Beyond, only bodies of autonomous Aeon Priests called claves.


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